The Walking Dead Negan – 5 VILLAINS That NEED To Happen Already

4. And Out Come the Wolves


A “W” carved into the forehead is the latest in postapocalyptic fashion

We’re still waiting for the Wolves, who have gotten a ton of hype but are still no-shows. Yeah there were those two guys who tried to take on Morgan, Daryl and Aaron at the end of last season, but they were small potatoes. And yes, we got a taste here and there of the zombie traps and the ubiquitous “W” tats that all the cool walkers are sporting, but stop being a tease, show — we want more.

Thanks to whoever blew the mystery air horn at the end of the season premiere there are thousands of walkers headed back to Alexandria. Perhaps the Wolves have an inside man, or at least a teen — like, say, Ron who has a whole Hot Topic logo tee full of angst ready to be unleashed — or maybe we have another suspect that we didn’t think of before (which I’ll get to in just a minute, so be patient). The air horn didn’t necessarily even have to come from inside the Safety-Zone walls but could have come from nearby. As we know, the Wolves are scavengers who know how to hide, so they may have been waiting.

Whatever happens the Wolves love them some walker play-things, so look for them to continue to toy with the Alexandrians for a little while longer.