The Walking Dead Negan – 5 VILLAINS That NEED To Happen Already

2. Rick Grimes: Coming ‘Atcha Like a Dark Horse


Is it just me, or is Rick looking kinda murdery towards his buddy Morgan?

Say what now? Bear with me here. Rick Grimes’s deteriorating mental state and increasing ruthlessness has frightened not only the people of Alexandria but also members of his group (who continue to support him, but for how long?) He may be the hero of the show, but Rick has been going down a dark path for a very long time and seems poised to leap-frog over anti-hero into full-blown villain.

Remember Shane? The former best friend and partner who stepped into Lori’s bed (or tent) and became a surrogate dad to Carl while Rick was in a coma? Shane sure didn’t like it when Rick came back on the scene and stole the life that he was making for himself with the remainder of the Grimes clan. Shane increasingly became a violent loose cannon that had to be put down by Rick.

Since Shane’s death, we’ve seen Rick see and experience the worst of humanity — humans, it seems, are even more dangerous than walkers — and we’ve seen him begin to take on some of the qualities that made villains like The Governor and Shane such compelling antagonists. Rick’s behavior already mirrors Shane when it comes to bland Jessie. He saw a family that he wanted to be a part of. Bad dad Pete is out of the way, but it’s not going to be that easy for Rick to just step in.


See how they’re MIRRORing each other? DUN DUN DUNNNN

With the return of Morgan, we’ve seen (at least flashes of) the more human side of Rick once again. It’s a side that he is only comfortable sharing with Michonne and others in the group, but even then they’ve had to step in to stop their leader when he’s in amped up public survival mode. In the premiere we saw Rick have the chance to kill Carter for plotting against him, but doesn’t. In part it’s because Morgan is right there, and Rick is trying to be on his best behavior; however, later, even if it’s the right call to put Carter down after he got his face bitten off, Rick gets Morgan’s judgy face.


If you look at the posters for the season premiere, the positioning of Rick/ Morgan is staged exactly like that of Rick/ Shane except that now Rick is where Shane once stood (see the two pictures on this page). Could this be the end of the road for Rick, with Morgan being forced to put a friend down for the greater good?

Does the show have the balls to make Rick a full-blown villain? We’ll have to see, but narratively, it could be kind of great.