The Walking Dead Season 6 Predictions

The Walking Dead Season 6 is Brought To You By the Letter W (Wolves, Walkers, and WTF Rick?)


When season five closed out this past spring, we saw Rick Grimes shooting Pete in the head in front of everybody in Alexandria and generally being a crazy person. In all fairness to Rick, Pete was a graduate of the Chris Brown Academy of Lady Beaters and had just killed Deanna Monroe’s husband Reg, who was trying to deescalate the situation. But still…Rick’s nuts even with Deanna’s ok to kill Pete.

Not only do the people of Alexandria face an external threat from the Wolves, but an internal one between Rick’s group (who are all backing the crazy) and the original Alexandria residents, who just really liked pretending that life was all pre-virus Crate and Barrel catalogs. (WASPs gotta WASP, am I right?)

Six Predictions for The Walking Dead Season 6 Ahead…