The Walking Dead Season 6 Predictions

6. The Wolves Will Strike on Alexandria

The Wolves Are Finally Ready to Blow the Safe-Zone’s Walls Down, But They Are a Distraction For What’s To Come.

wolves walking dead season 6


The Wolves: this lycanthrope-obsessed group of Mousetrap! enthusiasts left little clues all throughout season 5, what with carving “W”s in walker heads and putting together nifty traps, that the Wolves are playing the long game.

In an interview, Greg Nicotero confirmed that the Wolves’ master plan is to build up a zombie army using the victims they have killed. While it’s nice to see that even in the face of a zombie apocalypse, there are still people with ambition out there, what do the Wolves (who, again, are scavengers) hope to accomplish by raising a zombie army? How does one even control a zombie army?

Before Rick’s group arrived in Alexandria, there was another group of survivors who just didn’t fit in and were kicked out of the Safe-Zone (probably had something to do with leaving up Christmas decorations after New Year’s). Could some angry former Alexandria residents have joined the Wolves to get back at their former neighbors? Also, what about Carl’s new girlfriend Enid? (Seriously, what kid born after 1930 is named Enid? For shame, parents.) Enid liked to wander out into the walker infested woods and be all dark about how this is a walker world and we’re just living in it. Either Enid is going through a Goth phase, or she’s the Wolves inside teen.

We also learned that the Wolves have been taking photos of Rick and Carl, so either they are casing Alexandria, or they like Rick’s brand of bats**t crazy violence. It may not even be the Wolves playing paparazzi; TWD does like having lots of characters (often to its narrative detriment), and according to the comics, the Wolves aren’t a huge threat. If the Wolves won’t ultimately take out Alexandria then something else will.

Whether or not they take action, the Wolves are a distraction for something far worse, and if we’re sticking close to the comics then the Alexandria Safe Zone is going to have to deal with legitimately scary group, the Saviors out of D.C..