The Walking Dead Season 6 Predictions

5. The Morgan and Rick Reunion Won’t Be Happy

Morgan and Rick Are Back Together, But Will Come to Blows in the First Half of the Season. 

Morgan & Rick Walking Dead

Morgan and Rick have been the OTP bro pairing that audiences have been waiting for since season one. These two men have been trying to find each other, and Rick did find Morgan, but this was during Morgan’s walker inspired art installation/trap period, and he just wasn’t ready (or sane enough) to join the Grimes band on the road. Oh how the tables have turned, and now it’s Rick’s turn to spin the crazy wheel. Admittedly, Morgan arrived in Alexandria right as Rick had just finished blowing Pete’s head off, and that’s never a good way to start a reunion, but based off what we’ve seen in the trailer for the upcoming season these two men might need more than a few Bud Lights to rekindle whatever friendship they had (or think they had).

The biggest wedge issue that is going to come up is human life. Both of these men have experienced horrifying things, but Morgan seems to have found some zen along with a clean bill of mental health. Rick and his crew have only become more feral the longer they’ve been on the outside. Nearly becoming the protein at a cannibal barbeque seems to have cemented Rick and his hardliners with the view that they need to circle the wagons and take out anyone that could be considered a threat (even if that threat is wearing a cardigan).

Rick may have gotten his group to keep backing him, but that’s not going to last forever since some of them are starting to warm to the idea of living in a safe community. I can see Morgan not only getting a lot of Alexandrians on his side, but Ricksters like Maggie, and even Daryl. Of course, Rick has Michonne (for now) and Carol, who is a 1000x scarier than Rick, so they have that advantage going. Of course, predictably, the Wolves will force everyone to work together when they finally attack – let’s say in episode three.