The Walking Dead Season 6 Predictions

4. Jesus Wants a New Disciple

Paul Monroe Will Try to Recruit Rick – And At Least Temporarily, He’ll Succeed.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Last week it was announced that the show had cast Tom Payne in the role of Paul “Jesus” Monroe. For fans of the comics, or just those who like to wiki, this casting is an intriguing indicator of where the show is headed next. Paul Monroe is the physically imposing leader of a group called the Hilltop Colony, who takes an interest in, who else, the post-zombie apocalypse’s own Mary Sue, Rick Grimes. Apparently, the Hilltop Colony is in a feud with another group called the Saviors so Rick and his crew might find themselves in the middle of a brewing battle. Look for it to go down in the second half of season six (but we’ll probably meet Paul Monroe at the end of the first half of the season per the show’s pattern).

Character actor and frequent villain Xander Berkeley has been cast to play a character named “Rick” (there can be only one Rick, show) that is described as arrogant, controlling and charismatic. There is speculation that Berkeley will be playing major villain Negan, leader of the Saviors from the comics: are we looking at a Governor 2.0? According to producers, season six is going stick very closely to the comics, so be prepared for your friends who actually read to be super smug at viewing parties this season. If the Saviors are coming then that means the Wolves are nothing more than non-alcoholic beer, while this new group is a good bottle of aged whiskey.

xander berkeley

In other character news, Ethan Embry (who will always be Preston from Can’t Hardly Wait if you squint and ignore the balding) will be playing a character named Carter who is a minor character in the comics (he helped to build the Safe Zone wall, which may need some patching up if the Wolves and other threats are coming), but is probably going to be more of a composite character in the show. Carter apparently is a longtime Alexandria resident, so he will be that guy who magically appears on the show and then tries to make the audience believe he was there all along.

Merritt Weaver will be playing major comic character Denise Cloyd who is a surgeon who may want to stock the infirmary because it sounds like Alexandria is about to go to war. These two actors are recognizable enough that they are clearly going to play big roles in the upcoming clash between the Hilltop Colony and the Saviors, so viewers can look forward to some action-packed battle scenes this fall.