The Walking Dead Season 6 Predictions

3. A Neighborhood Divided

Rick Moves In, But Career Politician Deanna Won’t Make a Move.

4. Deanna & Rick

The new season promises a lot of neighborhood association power struggles. With the Wolves coming, we’ll probably see the Alexandrians accepting Constable Rick’s brand of “us or them” justice, but there is going to be some simmering resentment and tension.

Alexandria leader Deanna Monroe lost her d-bag son and husband Reg in one fell swoop, so it will be interesting to see how things play out with her. Out of everyone in the Safe Zone, Deanna has been the most pragmatic and able to see the benefits of bringing in Rick despite the red flags. As a former politician, Deanna plays fast and loose, but if she’s off grieving, will this give Rick, Carol and the others who want to take over Alexandria the opening they need to run the show? Or will Rick and Deanna form an uneasy alliance?

Could Morgan be a viable alternative leader? He’s seen just as much as Rick, has the fighting and zombie trap building skills, but also seems to have regained some of the humanity that has been lost to Rick? Will this even matter with so many threats looking to hit Alexandria? Or could this drive a further rift between friends?