The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere – Come on Down to the Zombie Pit

Rick’s running the show in Alexandria, but not everyone is cool with the new Grimes regime.


Season 6 begins at last! And let’s be honest: If you’re reading this, you probably committed to this show a long time ago. So without any further prelude, let’s jump on in.

Cowboy Up! It’s Time to Wrangle Some Zombies

As is forever the case, the folks in The Walking Dead have a problem: the big rig trucks keeping thousands of walkers stuck in a rock quarry are about to give way. Well, Rick, you’re the new…erm…sheriff in town. You got a plan?

In fact he does, and it’s a rather crafty plan involving cars, a makeshift wall, and flare guns. It’s a good old fashioned cattle zombie drive. Yee haw! The plan is pretty complex and dangerous, but with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham leading the walkers out of the pit and to a destination far, far away from Alexandria it seems like things are going swimmingly. Rick shows some real strategic skills with the plan, and we’ll see how that plays out later in the season, but in the short term I have to figure it wins him a few much-needed points with the locals.

Of course, people can’t have nice things during the zombie apocalypse and the whole plan goes straight to hell when someone blows an air horn leading the walkers back to Alexandria. Whoops! Good effort though, Rick. But maybe don’t try to cash those neighbor points right now.

The Past is Black and White

The show breaks things up by employing that time honored flashback (and foreign movie) device of going black and white. Things pick up right after Rick has shot Pete, and the flashbacks let us know where everyone’s head is at, and where things are going to go. It’s a new direction for the show, and adds some of that much-promised character development. The flashbacks also help to break up the walker herding, which again, cool plan but not super exciting till the very end.

His Name is Carter Plot Device


Most of the Alexandrians fall in line with Rick, in part because Deanna is all out of f**ks to give now that she is a widow and pretty much cedes control over to Rick. That was kind of easy, wasn’t it?

Well, not everybody voted to make Rick President of the Safety-Zone, and Carter wants everyone to know it. Carter is a never before seen until tonight resident of Alexandria, and he also helped build the wall. The character exists solely to remind people that Rick is crazy and question his every move. Rick isn’t stable and he’s frequently wrong, but having a brand new character (that dies) lead a one man rebellion fails to elicit much drama. It’s a weird choice to not have anyone react badly to Rick’s takeover, but this episode was about the  big plan, and while Carter may have been the loudest voice in the room, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be more haters down the road within Rick’s group and with the other Alexandrians.

Let the Bromance Commence

Rick and Morgan are finally together but now they have to actually get to know each other. Morgan is pretty supportive of Rick, but he’s definitely wary. The talk veers a bit into rom-com territory what with all the mentions of “knowing who they are” and stuff but for right now, Rick and Morgan seem to be on the same team. Rick even asked Morgan to move in, so things are serious!

While Rick seems to have calmed down the crazy, Morgan is keeping a close eye on his pal, and something tells me that if he doesn’t like what he sees, he might be willing to use his stick-wielding skills to take down Rick.

Smells Like Teen Angst. Ugh!

Bland neighbor Jessie’s oldest son Ron – Did we know that she had two kids? – is not taking the whole watching-his-dad-get-gunned-down-by-Rick thing super well. We know he’s angsty because he’s wearing a beanie. Ron is also a creeper who likes to watch from the shadows. We don’t know who blew the air horn at the end of this episode, but Ron has a motive to screw with Rick. Is he mad enough to endanger the entire community just to get revenge on the guy that killed his dad? The Wolves still haven’t showed up (that we know of) and an angry teen would make a great recruit.

Daryl is a People Person

Rick wants to shut down the welcoming committee that Aaron and Daryl have been running, but Daryl disagrees. Unlike Carter, Daryl isn’t going to yell about it, but in his own quiet way he reminds Rick that they need people to survive. Daryl is clearly on team humanity, and depending on how dark Rick gets this season, these two may soon find themselves at odds.


Stray Thoughts:

In addition to Carter, we also met Heath who had been on the road with Scott and Annie when Rick’s crew moved in. Heath seems pretty resourceful, but also seems like he may not fall in line for long.

Morgan has some pretty impressive stick skills. He tells Rick he learned it from a friend. Was it Donatello?

Eugene and his mullet have mad respect for Heath’s superior hair game.

Rick’s decision (supported by Deanna) to not allow Pete to be buried in Alexandria actually proves to be a great decision because he finds the walker pit.

DO NOT take Morgan’s protein bars, especially the peanut butter ones!

Last season we had to deal with Sasha’s depression tour. Well, now she has a buddy in Abraham. It seems these two are going to be keeping an eye on each other, so we’ll see where this goes story-wise.

Glenn decides not to reveal that Nicholas tried to kill him. His decision leads Nicholas to step up, and it seems the best kind of friendship may start off with a little attempted murder.

Is Maggie pregnant?

Carol is still playing the innocent card in Alexandria and hilariously hams it up in the town meeting to get people scared enough to back Rick’s plan. Morgan seems on to her (he thinks she was a cop) and that makes Carol a bit uncomfortable. Can’t wait to see how the show puts two of it’s most compelling characters together. Something tells me their two very different worldview are going to collide.

Rick wants to arm and train everyone. This won’t at all come back and bit him in the a**

That whole crush on bland Jessie isn’t going so great for Rick. She doesn’t want him talking to Ron, and she’ll pass on the marksmanship lessons. Move on, Grimes. She’s just not that into you.

How long do we think Deanna is going to be checked out, and how long before she tries to take back control from Rick.

Shut up, Father Gabriel (said everyone this episode)!

So no Wolves this week. They are obviously going to use their superior zombie Jenga skills to their advantage.