The Good Dinosaur FINAL TRAILER for Pixar’s Latest Film

The Lion King meets Finding Nemo meets The Jungle Book.

Ok, yeah, that actually sounds pretty great.


Remember when you were a little kid and you pretended to be a dog? Well in addition to supposing the asteroid killing the dinosaurs never hit the earth, Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur features a sidekick who’s pretty much that. See, without their untimely demise (and with a little Pixar magic), dinosaurs become the talking, sentient species on earth. And when young protagonist Arlo gets separated from his dad (you can see the scene in the trailer, it looks chillingly similar to the death of Mufasa), he encounters a feral boy named Spot.

Go figure why (or how) a human that isn’t sentient has a combo of leather and leaves stitched around his undercarriage. Maybe there’s a late-story twist in store for the protagonists, and it’s not a journey to one homecoming, but two?

Also, have Pixar’s landscapes ever looked more beautiful? Almost puts the character art to shame.