What’s NOT in Jessica Jones – The Top 3 Things the Netflix Show Will Leave Out

Marvel’s Jessica Jones supposedly has a strong comic book feel. Here are some things from the comics that aren’t going to make the cut.

Jessica Jones, coming to Netflix on November 20

Jessica Jones, coming to Netflix

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is set to debut on Netflix in just a few weeks, and there’s been a lot of positive buzz about the series so far. Early previews have been praised as really capturing the feel of Alias, the Marvel MAX comic series that Jessica Jones is based on. This is a great sign, because some fans were worried that Alias would be severely watered down during the adaptation.

Some things have changed, of course. Jessica won’t be dropping any f-bombs (which disappointed some, since the series famously started with one in the first panel). Obviously any nudity is out, but the sex is still in… though it remains to be seen whether the most famous sex scene makes it to the screen.

But what about the big stuff? While there’s a lot we don’t know, there are a few pretty safe bets for what’s not in Jessica Jones.

3. No Avengers Cameos

Luke Cage, Jessica's eventual husband

Luke Cage, Jessica’s eventual husband

In Alias, Jessica Jones interacted with a number of major characters in the Marvel universe. While she’s obviously still going to meet Luke Cage and go up against Zebediah Kilgrave (a.k.a. the Purple Man), we’re not going to see most of the other Marvel characters she ran into.

The Captain America plot from the first Alias story arc wouldn’t work because Cap’s identity isn’t a secret, and there’s no way they’ll get Chris Evans to do an arc on the show anyway. Captain Marvel doesn’t exist in-universe yet, so she’s a no-go. Spider-Man debuts in Captain America: Civil War, so they’re not going to have J. Jonah Jameson hire Jessica to track him (and Ben Ulrich couldn’t partner with her if they did.) None of the events that made Rick Jones a celebrity sidekick have occurred in the Cinematic Universe.

While some bits of these story arcs may be recycled for the series, they’ll have some new characters featured, and you won’t be seeing Jessica’s most memorable cases.

2. No Avengers Showdown

Jebediah Kilgrave, the man who broke Jessica Jones

Jebediah Kilgrave, the man who broke Jessica Jones

Before she became a private eye, Jessica Jones was a superhero named Jewel. As we learn in the series trailer, she eventually ran afoul of Kilgrave and he took control of her mind. This lasted for months, and he eventually decided to turn her into an assassin and sent her to kill his nemesis, Daredevil. Directions got mixed up, she wound up at the Avengers Mansion, and the ensuing battle ended her superhero career.

Most, if not all of this story won’t make it onto the screen. Daredevil is only recently established in the Cinematic Universe, and Marvel isn’t going to get Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the cinematic Avengers to film a flashback scene for the series. The story might be referenced, but even that is a bit of a stretch; most likely, the backstory with Jessica and Kilgrave will take a different turn.

1. The Pulse

Jessica Jones, looking untrusting

Jessica Jones, looking untrusting

Alias isn’t the only comic that Jessica Jones has been a headliner for. She was also the main character in The Pulse, a follow-up that featured her leaving her private eye business behind and working for first the Daily Bugle and then a rival paper known as The Pulse. The series featured J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle heavily, as well as an unmasked the Green Goblin, and revealed to the Marvel Universe at large that he was, in fact, Norman Osborne.

Not only is it too early for the events of The Pulse to occur, but the entire series is so steeped in Spider-Man lore that it’s unlikely that it will ever be adapted on a large scale. While future seasons may see Jessica move into the newspaper business, it will probably be much more removed from the comics than the first season is from Alias.

So What Will We See?

Jessica needs someone to confide in

Jessica needs someone to confide in

For the first season of Jessica Jones, Marvel will likely feature some of the smaller cases from Alias and focus on the return of Kilgrave. The general plot of Kilgrave being obsessed with Jessica that was shown in the trailer rings true to some of the events of Alias, and will likely be a driving plot for at least the second half of the season. Focusing on smaller cases like finding a missing girl and proving that a husband is cheating will help to drive home Jessica’s fall from grace, and will also give the show time to establish her personality before leading in to the main Kilgrave plot.

Of course, it’s possible that Marvel will surprise us and draw a lot more inspiration from the actual comics than one would expect. Even if they do, though, there’s no reason to expect any of the cameos or major developments involving other heroes because they are just too valuable for Marvel to risk on the small screen.