Wiz Khalifa Joins the “1 Billion Views” Club on YouTube

“See You Again,” a video tribute to the late Paul Walker, is also first hip hop/ rap video to reach 1 billion views.

The Wiz Khalifa video for Furious 7, which honors the late Paul Walker, is only the tenth video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. “See You Again” is also the runner-up for fastest, with 184 days to reach the 1 billion views club. “Gangnam Style” still holds the honor for being the speediest “billion view” video, and also for giving boring people the chance to brag about that time they were once in a flash mob on Facebook.

Interestingly, breaking 1 billion views on YouTube used to be a really tough achievement  to crack, so much so that there were only two videos with that distinction prior to this year. But 2015 changed all that with eight videos pledging to this exclusive online fraternity.

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So what changed for YouTube this year? Well, in the case of Wiz Khalifa’s video, we can guess that it had to do with the marriage of the international popularity of the “cars with actors in them” franchise and the touching tribute to the late Paul Walker, who died tragically before the release of the latest installment of the series.

As for the other videos on the list, viewer growth indicates that with content being provided on so many different platforms, the traditional way of consuming media is evolving (sorry, movie theatres and TV, but you know it’s true) and younger consumers are increasingly gravitating to more immediate forms of viewing entertainment, as most of the videos on there reflect a more teen/tween audience.

With the growing number of videos with 1 billion views on YouTube, “See You Again,” will probably soon have some new company at the top if this trend continues.