Caleb Bratayley, YouTube Star, Very Suddenly Passes Away at Age 13

Fans Mourn the Sudden Death of  Vlog Star, Caleb Bratayley, of The Bratayleys. Cause of Death unknown.

caleb bratayley

Caleb Bratayley (13) one the three sibling stars of “The Bratayleys” died suddenly of “natural causes” on Thursday, October 1. Caleb’s mother, Katie announced his passing on Instagram.

For those not in the know, The Bratayleys (not their real name) have become a sensation on YouTube, where they have amassed over one billion views since 2010 when they began sharing daily videos of Caleb Bratayley and his younger sisters Annie and Hayley. The show is part of the Disney’s digital arm Maker Studios, which just recently featured Caleb as part of a huge promotional event for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

With the sudden death of Caleb, fans are struggling to not only express their grief for this energetic boy who loved baseball, but are asking tough questions that many people ask when a person dies too young: what really happened and why?

Understandably in the wake of Caleb’s death, his family has asked for privacy while they mourn their loss, but is that possible when you’ve lived your life online? It’s difficult to accept death, and many fans are pointing to recent video evidence that shows Caleb as the picture of health. A sudden death could be anything from a blood clot to an illness that viewers aren’t privy too, but with the family off social media, who is going to answer these questions for concerned fans, and do the fans of the show have a right to demand answers?


What does the future look like for the Bratayley family? For now it is unimaginably bleak. Will they return to the digital platforms that they called home once they’ve processed the loss of Caleb? Perhaps they can share some advice about battling grief and moving on with their viewers. Or is it time for them to focus on Annie and Hayley and retire the vlog? Time will tell, but for now the focus must now be where it has always been for them; on family and remembering Caleb.

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