YouTuber TotalBiscuit Cancer Diagnosis is Terminal

The Cynical Brit diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer.


John Bain aka YouTuber TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit has been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and given 2-3 years to live by doctors. Last year, Bain had been diagnosed with bowel cancer, but was given the “all clear” by doctors in April after completing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It was during a routine checkup that doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to Bain’s liver.

A former DJ, Bain got his start in 2005 hosting World of Warcraft Radio, where he gained a rabid fan base and the attention of the game developer, Blizzard. It was thanks to the show that he met his wife, Gena Bain.

In 2010, Bain launched his site, The Cynical Brit where he talked about all things gaming. His YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers, and TotalBiscuit is one of the most influential gaming personalities on the internet, particularly when it comes to PC games.

In addition to enormously popular video series like his Hearthstone series “Lord of the Gimmicks,” quick look ins “15 Minutes of Game,” and his take on “Let’s Plays,” called “WTF is…,” TotalBiscuit is known for his hard stance against unethical shenanigans from developers and the gaming community alike.

TotalBiscuit is also the owner and manager of Axiom E-Sports, a professional StarCraft 2 team, and frequently casts (and plays) StarCraft 2 on his secondary channel.

Despite his heartbreaking diagnosis, Bain remained optimistic. He plans to start chemotherapy treatments in the next few weeks, and hopes, because of his young age and health, that he can beat the odds.