Zelda Wii U Gameplay Should Be A Wink To The Past


death mountain

Since the very beginning, The Legend of Zelda series has been about big maps where you can run and explore pretty much anywhere. But in a modern generation of games, if Zelda is serious about creating a sense of epic scale it needs to create verticality along with expansive areas.

Ocarina‘s Death Mountain and certain areas of Skyward Sword both did a good job, but it’s too localized. You either climbed a tall tree to glide to a lower tree, or a tall rock to get to a side rock. I’m talking about being able to leaf glide from Turtle Rock ALLLLLL the way to Kakariko and land on top of the windmill or something nuts!

Other games do this REALLY well. Large open worlds have evolved into expansive connected systems. Metal Gear V‘s outposts will radio each other, Skyrim‘s animal ecosystem will hunt and feed on each other independent of you, and The Witcher has a very few artificial walls which means swamps, plains, and mountains all exist in the same area instead of gated off. Modern open worlds have evolved since Hyrule field and Zelda Wii U can’t skimp out.

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