Zelda Wii U Gameplay Should Be A Wink To The Past

Day/Night cycle

A staple in most open world games and I would expect no less from the next chapter in Link’s quest. Now you’re probably expecting me to say something about day/night cycle affecting the NPC’s and their habits (like in Majora’s Mask) or monster spawns (Poes often only come out at night in various Zeldas) but really, I just want to recreate this:

twilight princess link epona

I want to ride up to random NPCs and just arch up in victory in the dying light of the sun. Even a ride to the market is heroic for Link.

zelda wii u

While I hope Zelda WiiU is as much of a sea change for the franchise as Ocarina was back ’98, Nintendo has always been smart about building off of what worked. We hope they take a look back at some of these great classic mechanics and expand them smartly into the big new open world. Worse comes to worst, we can always do a crossover:

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