5 Best YouTube Channels for Nintendo Fanatics

4) Amiibo Royale

best youtube channels for nintendo amiibo royale

As the channel title suggests, this guy specializes in Amiibo. He has one of the largest collections of Amiibo out of anyone I’ve ever seen, and uses that to make a lot of his content. He posts his different methods of training Amiibo via Super Smash Bros., and also talks a lot about upcoming Amiibo that are set to release. He is also known for experimenting with his little figures, whether that be training them in juvenile ways or teaching them to do specific moves within the game.

Amiibo Royale is also great because he takes the time to get into the workings of the Amiibo. And by understanding Amiibo, this helps him train them effectively and have more appreciation for them. I was also very intrigued to find out that Amiibo have a limited number of scans (but don’t worry, by the time they die, they won’t even be popular anymore).

If you’d like to learn more about Amiibo and learn how to train your effectively, give Amiibo Royale a look!

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