5 Best YouTube Channels for Nintendo Fanatics

2) Scykoh & ScykohPlays



The dedication Scykoh puts into his Let’s Plays is astounding (he’s got an entire second channel devoted to Let’s Plays only). Once, he played Super Mario World and completed it to 100%. That wasn’t his first time doing it, though. Often, before Scykoh plays a game and posts it online, he will play it through on his own to be able to show us all of the dirty little secrets it hides. The amazing number of videos on his main channel highlighting game glitches is testament to that.

Not to mention, he’s awfully hilarious. He doesn’t use profanity at all, so it’s really funny hearing some of the interjections he comes up with to substitute. Now, he doesn’t exclusively do only Nintendo games, but that’s the majority of what he plays.

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