5 Best YouTube Channels for Nintendo Fanatics

1) GameXplain

The telltale sign you're a Smash Bros. fan.

The telltale sign you’re a Smash Bros. fan.

These guys are my personal favorite. GameXplain solely does Nintendo-related news, reviews, and live streaming (though they have been known to dabble into Kingdom Hearts). There aren’t a lot of people that show the same amount of passion for Nintendo that GameXplain does. The moment a Nintendo Direct drops, they’re covering it. If they can review a game early, you bet they will. Every little piece of news from that company that drops, they’re there every step of the way.

Their most notable videos are their discussions, where the predict and/or discuss a piece of Nintendo news and what they think about it. Much like Jwittz, they’re also very unbiased. If they aren’t quite liking a game, they’ll admit to it. Not to mention, Andre’s puns are top notch.

If you like Nintendo, subscribe to them, no questions asked. Trust me on this one.


So there it is, our top 5 YouTube channels for all you Nintendo-crazed people (like us) out there.

Did we miss your favorite? Tell us what channels you love in the comments, or let us know on twitter at @NewRockstars. Who knows? Maybe we’ll update the list with our top 10 best YouTube channels for Nintendo fans.