5 Dark Horse Choices Besides Cloud for New Smash Bros DLC Characters

A few other characters who could join Cloud in Smash Bros…

It’s not that Nintendo’s initial plans for DLC characters for Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS were bad, but when the first two characters announced, Mewtwo and Lucas from Earthbound, were just returning characters who had been cut over the years, the reaction from fans was understandably tepid.

Thankfully, Nintendo has quickly learned from its mistakes and is now supplying Smash Bros. fans with characters they only previously dreamed of. Earlier this summer, Ryu from the Street Fighter series made his debut in Smash Bros., and last week Nintendo announced that Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII would soon be joining the roster as well.

cloud in smash bros.

It’s like all of my 13-year-old dreams come true, except Samus is wearing clothes.

The next Nintendo Direct, scheduled for December, will only discuss Super Smash Bros., and presumably more DLC characters picked with help of Nintendo’s online ballot will be announced at that time as well. Nintendo has been somewhat vague about how guest characters like Cloud are chosen. At one point, Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai suggested that a character had to have previously appeared on a Nintendo platform to be considered for the roster. Cloud has technically appeared in a couple Final Fantasy spin-off games on Nintendo platforms, though Final Fantasy VII, the game he debuted in, has remained a Playstation and PC exclusive for almost 20 years.

Regardless of how Cloud was picked, his inclusion seems to open the door for even the most outlandish of suggestions to be included in DLC. Here are five more long-shot characters we think could make into Smash Bros. as DLC after Cloud.

5. Crono

Cloud in Smash Bros.

Change his hair color and he’s basically Cloud Strife.

Square Enix has almost been criminal in its negligence of the Chrono Trigger franchise over the years. While it’s still regarded as one of the finest RPGs of the ’90s and it gets ported to new platforms every few years, there hasn’t even been a rumor of a remake or sequel in years, while Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest get all of the company’s attention. Still, Crono would be a welcome addition to Smash Bros. with his lightning attacks and assists from the likes of Lucca and Frog. And if Cloud can be added to the roster, there’s really no reason not to include Crono as well.

4. Crash Bandicoot

Cloud in Smash Bros.

Really kids, this guy used to be a big star.

So Crash Bandicoot hasn’t been in a game since 2008’s Mind Over Mutant, and it’s been even longer than that since he had a hit game that a lot of people really wanted to play. You could say the same thing about Sonic or Pac-Man and they still made it into the latest Smash Bros. game. The fact is that Crash is a part of a video game history, which is a theme of the latest version of Smash Bros. given its inclusion of multiple third-party characters. Crash gave Mario quite a run for his money during the 32/64-bit era as the closest thing that the original Playstation had to a mascot. But now that Activision owns the rights to him, there’s really nothing to stop him from appearing as DLC.

3. Banj0-Kazooie

Cloud in Smash Bros.

Doing that to a bird is technically illegal in 36 states.

Banjo-Kazooie was among Nintendo’s best franchises during the Nintendo 64 era. The bear and bird are now owned by rival company Microsoft since Redmond bought Banjo-Kazooie creators Rareware in 2002, but Microsoft is actually totally cool with adding them to Smash Bros. Microsoft and Nintendo have previously worked together to release Rare games on Nintendo’s handhelds, so a deal isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility. But then again, Nintendo also sabotaged a deal that would have put Rare’s beloved Goldenye 007 on the Wii and Xbox 360. So whether the companies could work something out to include this duo as DLC is anyone’s guess.

2. Leon Kennedy

Cloud in Smash Bros.

Leon is ready to bust a cap in Mario.

Any Resident Evil character would be welcome in Smash Bros., but Leon makes the most sense because of his starring role in Resident Evil 4, a one-time Gamecube exclusive that rejuvenated the series. Considering that Capcom has already loaned Mega Man and Ryu to Nintendo for Smash Bros., it probably wouldn’t be too much more trouble to throw Leon in as well. One concern might be that Leon would be a little too “adult” for the mostly family-friendly cast, but then again he’s really not that different from Solid Snake, who was one of the best characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And considering the turmoil Konami is currently going through, it doesn’t look like Snake will be making another appearance in Smash Bros. anytime soon, so Leon could be the next best thing.

1. Mike Tyson

Cloud in Smash Bros.

Thuper Thmath Brothers, you thay?

For three glorious years, Nintendo paid former boxing champion Mike Tyson to use his likeness as the final boss of Punch-Out!! on the NES. The 8-bit version of Tyson is still a fun, legitimately difficult boss to beat, and taking him out is a major accomplishment.

But by the time the contract between Nintendo and Tyson was up, Iron Mike’s reputation was starting to skid for his behavior outside the ring, and Nintendo has only re-released Punch-Out!! with lame stand-in “Mr. Dream” ever since. Tyson has rehabilitated his image over the past decade or so, even making his way into several EA boxing games in recent years, so including him as DLC in Super Smash Bros. would be nice homage to the original console version that would likely incite little controversy. He’d probably play like a better, stronger version of Little Mac, and Nintendo could even throw in his pet tiger from The Hangover for his Final Smash.

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