5 New Films To See Before You See Star Wars

They’re worth a watch or two.

Alright, guys, we’re a little over a month from The Force Awakens releasing worldwide across theaters. The hype is massive everywhere you look. Commercials, ads, video games, trailers, etc. are all bombarding us at every front. There’s no doubt that this could be one of the biggest films to ever open in history.

But, it is still a month out, and for those of us anxiously waiting the day, it can seem like it will never arrive. That doesn’t mean that the theaters are having any look of good films though. But many people are so preoccupied with daydreaming about when they are going to see Star Wars, they haven’t noticed the great new films due for release before then. As a matter of fact, there are few releases hitting before Star Wars that are actually worth your time. So without further ado, here are the 5 movies worth seeing before Star Wars releases.

Spectre– Released November 6

The followup to the James Bond film Skyfall has proved another solid entry into the spy and Bond franchise as a whole. Being the 24th entry into the series, everybody was surprised that it hasn’t yet overstayed its welcome. While nothing that will be mind-blowing by any means, Spectre is a good watch that will satisfy your hunger for some good action.

There is also a rumor going around that this will be the last Bond film for director Sam Mendes and leading man Daniel Craig, so go and watch it while you still can.

The Peanuts Movie– Released November 6

The delightful kids in the neighborhood of Charlie Brown hold a special place in all of our hearts ever since that first comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. From that day, they’ve had their own films, including the timeless Charlie Brown Christmas (who could ever get the piano masterpiece that is “Linus and Lucy?”). They’ve also appeared in video games, had an immeasurable amount of merchandise, and then some. They’re a cult classic, and have been so for over 50 years. The new Peanuts Movie is, in every sense of the word, a culmination of all of the history we have with these characters. While it’s not a perfect film, anybody who loves Charlie, Snoopy, and the gang needs to go see this movie. Your nostalgic side will thank you.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2- Releases November 20

With so many films based on dystopian teen novels such as Divergent and The Maze Runner, it’s not hard to see the fatigue of them that’s beginning to set in, mostly because all of the plots seem the same. However, those movies are mere shadows compared to the franchise that started it all- The Hunger Games. Since they’ve been released, those movies have only gotten better, and now we’re about to reach the climax of four year’s worth of media. Katniss is going to finally take on the capital with her friends at her side. President Snow is destined to fall, but the question still remains: who lives and who dies? In the world of the Capital and District 13, there are bound to be some casualties.

The Good Dinosaur– Releases November 25

Pixar is the king of all animation. There is no question that their track record has been nearly spotless (with the exception of Cars 2). Recently, they’ve come back to the top of their game with the release of Inside Out and the announcement that they will have many films for us in the near future. The first of these productions is The Good Dinosaur. It’s a classic “boy and his dog” tale with a bit of role-reversal. The dinosaur is the boy and the boy is the dog. After seeing many of the trailers, it’s no doubt that this will be another home run for Pixar that will both be heartwarming and heart-wrenching. Not to mention there is some gorgeous animation from what we’ve seen. If they can top Wall-E in that respect, I’ll be impressed.

In the Heart of the Sea- Releases December 11

This film adaptation represents the real-life events of the sinking of the whaling ship, Essex, that inspired the classic novel, Moby Dick. With previews and trailers promising some large tension in the film as well as some visually impressive special effects, this is a classic tale that will definitely be worth a watch. On top of that, they have Chris “Thor” Hemsworth playing the leading role, with Tom Holland (AKA the new Spiderman) playing a side character. They’re surely going to be some of the highlights of that film that will definitely give it some good reviews when it finally drops.

Despite all of the movie hype being given to Star Wars, there are some noteworthy films that have been released and are going to be released. From animation to gripping dramas, we aren’t going to have any lack of things to see come this holiday season. And when December 18 comes around, then we’ll really have something to get excited for.

What do you guys think? Are there any films you’d like to see before Star Wars releases? Are there any others you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!