Could Affleck’s Batman Movie Include the Red Hood?

Another member of the Bat-family might be coming our way

A lingering presence in the back of his mind.

A lingering presence in the back of his mind.

For a while, we’ve been wondering how DC would handle their next series of Batman films after the wide success of the recent Dark Knight Trilogy. After all, how could they top such a phenomenal success? Well it seems like we just got our answer.

According to, the very same site that leaked the details for Hulk being in Thor: Ragnarok, the solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck will include Jason Todd, A.K.A. The Red Hood. This could potentially be one of the most faithful comic adaptations we’ve seen for the Caped Crusader before, as well as differentiating itself from Nolan’s films. While fantastic on their own, The Dark Knight series didn’t really take anything from the comics. Nolan just kind of put his own interpretation on screen. Well, if these rumors are true, now DC has something that will make any self-respecting Batman fan flock to the theaters.

This also adds some more incentive to Bruce Wayne being a grizzled old man. In the trailers for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we are shown an empty Robin suit with the words “Joke’s on you, Batman!” written all over it. In this continuity, it would seem, that the Joker did in fact kill Jason Todd. This not only helps shape Wayne into the man who would come to blows with the Man of Steel, but it gives the writers a lot more to work with in the upcoming Batman films. And Red Hood seems like the obvious choice.

Don't worry, Bruce. He gets a much cooler suit anyways.

Don’t worry, Bruce. He gets a much cooler suit anyways.

For those of you not quite familiar with the character, Jason Todd was the second Robin. He was so ill-received, however, that fans petitioned to have him killed. So the writers had the Joker brutally beat Todd, then leave him to die in an explosion for Batman to find. After this, it turns out that Jason was actually not dead and began doing dirty work under the name, “Red Hood.” Eventually he and Batman came to blows, and after a while, he began a key part of the Dark Knight’s team.

By incorporating this into what is known about the film, if Jason Todd is indeed coming to the big screen, it’s safe to say it would not be his only appearance. Perhaps bigger stories like Death in the Family and Batman: Endgame will be adapted. After all, they would have all the right characters for these stories, but one can only hope at this point.

What do you guys think? Should Red Hood be in Batman’s next adventure? Who else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!