Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 Recap – The Many Surprises of “Brothers”

Guess who’s back from the dead this week?

Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Brother let me be your shelter.

Last week, we were given relationship drama between Oliver and Felicity that ended up paying off more than I thought it would. We also saw the return of Sara Lance and Ray Palmer, which actually worked for the show’s benefit as well. However, this week we had almost an entirely new page to turn now that Sara Lance has left and Palmer has decided not to officially come back from the dead. The episode ended with the revelation that Diggle’s long deceased brother Andy had apparently been doing criminal work that got in H.I.V.E.’s way and that’s why they had him assassinated.

Now this leads in a little bit to the opening of this week’s episode. In an somewhat overdone twist for this show, Diggle actually discoveres that Andy was alive and kicking. (See: the bruise on his face.) On top of that, we also had Damian Darhk showing his face to Oliver Queen (not the Green Arrow). The conflict with Darhk is definitely brewing and becoming more intense with each episode.

The Return of the A.T.O.M.

Glad to see death hasn't affected your intelligence.

Glad to see death hasn’t affected your intelligence.

Ray Palmer has effectively decided not to return to his company, having a “self-reflection” where he wonders if all of the good he tried to do was really worth anything in the end; and with Star City going to crap the way it is, who can blame him? However, he has still agreed to help out Team Arrow and even donned his Iron Man-esque suit once more. Due to his change in thought and  newfound love for heroics, it’s clear that the writers are really trying to set him up for Legends of Tomorrow. Maybe he’ll even be team leader.

Andy?! How?! Oh Wait, You’re on Arrow

Wipe that smug off of your face.

Wipe that smug off of your face.

The main focus of “Brotherhood” (oh, right, the episode was titled “Brotherhood,” y’all) was the return of Andrew “Andy” Diggle, John Diggle’s supposedly dead brother. It was revealed that Andy had actually been working with H.I.V.E. all of this time, and you can imagine the kind of havoc that might have wreaked on Diggle. But his reaction was so brilliant – instead of hoping and pining to find his brother, he instead attempted to distance himself, coming to terms with the fact that Andy is not the same man that he once was (if that man even existed in the first place). While Arrow as a show has been a little return-from-the-grave happy, I was surprised to see Andy since his death factored in a lot of John’s decisions over the course of four seasons.

Eventually, though, Diggle came to terms and had a nice chat with his brother, devastated to find that Andy was, in fact, involved in a LOT of crime. It’s unclear exactly what caused him to do this, but that’ll no doubt be answered in future episodes.

Sweet Sweet Revenge

Brothers in arms.

Brothers in arms.

The flashbacks in this season have been particularly interesting to me, seeing as I really want to find out what Reiter is actually up to.

This episode had another good one, with Conklin attempting to condemn Oliver for killing Vlad, the worker who was paid to attack him. However, due to some weird magic twigs, Reiter found out that Conklin forced the worker to attack Ollie, so he had Conklin tortured by whipping. He was even kind enough to let Oliver be the one to do it, but I couldn’t help but feel bad for Conklin when he pleaded to be spared.

We also saw that Oliver needs some kind of map, and that he intends to use it to find whatever Reiter is looking for, and he’s going to do it with the help of the worker he saved some time ago.

Queen v. Darhk

Easy there, Diggle. Every comes back from the dead on this show.

Easy there, Diggle. Every comes back from the dead on this show.

This week gave us a good idea of how Oliver intends on saving the city through his mayoral campaign. Not only did he hold a benefit for the SCPD to give his thanks for their service, but he also announced that he would restore the docks at the heart of the city to give all of its citizens something hopeful to look to. However, Darhk finally showed himself to Queen, threatening to “leave him unopposed” if he went through with the dock project. After some consideration and talks with his friends, Oliver decided to go through with it anyways, wanting to fight Darhk in the light of day. You can imagine the nightmarish look on Damian’s face when he found out.

Thea Still Has it Rough

Oh Thea, we know that smile is fake.

Oh Thea, we know that smile is fake.

It’s no surprise that Thea is still struggling with her bloodlust, and now that it’s been a while since she slaughtered those guards at Nanda Parbat, she wants to kill again. Naturally, Malcolm showed up to try to give her more bodies to drop, but she turned him down in typical fashion. What the big shocker, though, and probably the biggest one of the entire episode, was when Thea ran into Damian Darhk himself. When he placed his hand on her throat to suck the life out of her, it rebounded and began draining his own life. It definitely has to do with the Lazarus Pit, but it’s still a fun thing to think about.

When all is said and done it looks like Darhk is going to be increasing his presence in the coming weeks and Thea is still going to have a bigger part to play yet.