Best Moments from The Stumbling Dead

Is Cracked’s new series really funny?

The zombie apocalypse – from the perspective of the zombies!

Best Moments from The Stumbling Dead 1

Cracked Studios is at it again with a new parody series for The Walking Dead fans (or any one who likes the zombie genre and probably some who don’t) The Stumbling Dead. Set in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse, the story follows a newly turned zombie as she joins The Horde and learns what it means to be undead. Here are some of the best moments:

Food Vs. Friend.

Zombies, like mosh pits, should be avoided at all cost.

The world of The Stumbling Dead, like any world in the Zombie Apocalypse, is divided in to two separate factions. To those of us still alive this is called the living and the undead, but to the zombies the world is much simpler. Those still alive are Food and those stumbling past death’s door are Friend.

In true Walking Dead fashion, the Food is rife with angst and brooding conflict. But in stark contrast, the stumbling dead find the world a much happier place. From the moment a new walker (stumbler?) is welcomed to the world of the undead they are treated to an onslaught of hugs and oaths of undying friendship.

(That's a hug in the background)

(That’s a hug in the background)

It brings an entirely new perspective to the genre as a whole. Not only are zombies mindless, emotionless monsters but there’s never really much time spent watching how the living are affecting their existence. Furthermore, it’s mostly safe to say the people fighting zombies have never been the most compassionate group. So it’s a delight to know that the undead have such a warm and welcoming relationship with each other.

The hero’s journey… to find a witty one-liner.

The face of (misguided) confidence.

While the group of Friends stumbles (mostly) aimlessly through life on their search for Food, they don’t realize a Food is hunting them, always just a few steps behind. This Food happens to be partial to a crossbow (seemingly a favorite among zombie hunters).

This man is scarier than any zombie.

But her ultimate goal doesn’t seem to just be taking out as many stumblers as she can; the real ambition is to make a sharp one liner right before she fires her bolt off into the head of a stumbling walker. The only problem is…she’s not very clever.

And it’s not for lack of trying. She follows the zombies like Elmer Fudd tracking Bugs Bunny, trying in cartoonish vain at each encounter to make the ultimate action star one-liner. But whether she’s tongue-tied, or just generally over zealous, her journey seems Sisyphean by the end. – Also she’s not a great zombie hunter either.

Taunting doesn't usually work when the being you're taunting doesn't understand human language.

There’s always the Vegan option.

Zombies and Humans alike agree: Screw salad!

The stumbling dead only have two objectives in their life find Food and hug as many Friends as you possibly can because we are all in this together and you are all my best friends and I love you – sorry got lost in it there, it’s a really infectious attitude. But the former goal often presents somewhat of a difficult time for our stumbling friends. After all, in this world, food fights back – and runs, and hides, and shoots.

It’s not exactly easy to find a meal. So one Friend decided to think outside the human-shaped box and start stuffing his mouth with plants. It’s nothing compared to the taste of fleshy, hearty Food, but he commits to the vegetarian lifestyle and continues to push it on his undead Friends – none of whom enjoy the leafy taste or his preachy ways.

Celery: the most horrifying horror of all.

There’s more here than just parody.

In Texas he'd be cited for not carrying enough firearms.

“I’ve got three guns! Is that enough?”

While there’s enough laughter to support any fan’s desire for a staunch parody, the real draw of The Stumbling Dead comes from a serious consideration of some of the themes. The Zombie Apocalypse genre has often been a way to represent the human condition in its toughest moments, but The Stumbling Dead takes this theme a bit further.

Rather than searching for humanity among the living, we find our Friends demonstrating a sense a community and compassion beyond measure. Not only are we shown a sympathetic look at Zombies themselves, but also the undead themselves eventually begin to see the world in a wider scope.

A pivotal epiphany reveals to the main group of Friends that “they used to be food, now they are friend”. These mindless, ravenous (read: adorable) creatures gain the understanding of the main system of conversion in the Zombie Apocalypse. And once they know this, they are spurred into a pacifist pursuit. If Friends used to be Food then there must be enough common ground between the two parties to broker a peace.

Can't we all just get along?

Go watch it, Friend! (Or are you Food?)

I’ve done my best to not spoil every single detail about The Stumbling Dead here (and I think I’ve succeeded). If you are a Walking Dead fan, you should check this show out, or if you aren’t a Walking dead fan, you should also check it out.  Cracked is known for being funny, but it’s also put out a few stinkers, recently. Which is this? Let us know in the comments section.