Finding Dory NEW TRAILER for Finding Nemo Sequel

And now we know what the story will actually be about.

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Some say that Pixar has grown too sequel happy. Maybe that’s an easy trap to fall into when you’ve created as many iconic movies as Pixar has.

Still, if there’s one Pixar movie we actually want to see a sequel to besides The Incredibles (and The Incredibles 2 isn’t due ’til 2019, so we need something to, ahem, tide us over until then) it’s Finding Nemo. Yes, the adorable journey of one clown fish to save his son stands alone pretty well, but aren’t there plenty of other adventures, Nemo, Marlin, and Dory could go on?

Why yes, there are.

What if Dory started remembering things from her past? Like her family, and where they might be? That’d be pretty big, right?

If there’s anything apparent from this trailer, it’s Pixar’s classic blend of heart and comedy. I mean, come on. The trailer starts with Dory dreaming, saying, “Don’t cry, Mommy. Don’t cry.” Heartstrings have been successfully pulled.

But then there’s the text promise of, “An unforgettable adventure…she probably won’t remember,” and a run of Dory trying futilely to remember what sort of crustacean she was just talking about.

Finding dory new trailer 2

What we’re really curious about around here, though, is what sort of journey this will prove to be for Dory. In Finding Nemo, the entire story was about Nemo learning when he should be cautious and when he should be bold, while Marlin worked to shed his anal risk-assessment personality. Yes, that’s right. Marlin is the fish version of Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly.

For Dory, much of her charm stems from her short term memory loss. But could it be that said memory loss is due to some massive childhood trauma? Pixar has gone some pretty dark places in the past, but could they tackle the subject of abuse? (And is that why Dory’s mom was crying?) A colorful coral reef might even be the best place for Pixar to try it.

Anyways, we’re excited, and now we’re one step closer to Finding Dory.