Guy Eats 10 McRibs Stacked Together and Records the Whole Thing

Depending on your opinion of McDonald’s, this is either the tastiest or the grossest thing you’ll see all day.

Fair warning: there is some NSFW language in the video. Also some pretty gross and/or appetizing behavior.

It’s a tale as old as time: McDonald’s brings back the McRib just one last time before shelving its popular barbecue sandwich for reasons unknown. But then it comes back again to much fanfare, many ads, and much rejoicing by all.

And for some people, the simple joy that comes from a single McRib is all they could ask for in the world.

But for others, one McRib is not nearly enough McRib goodness. For some people, it takes 10 of the pressed pork patties stacked on top of each other. It’s like Epic Meal Time meets fast food.

So why does the McRib go away ever? Well, there are a few reasons, starting with simple economics of scarcity. Basically, if the McRib was always on the McDonald’s menu, you wouldn’t get reactions like this video of people losing their s*** over it and basically doing McDonald’s marketing for them. But there’s another kind of scarcity at play, too: food scarcity.

If this is bursting your bubble, I’m sorry, but just like Santa Clause, the McRib isn’t real. It’s not actually pork ribs. Heck, it’s only sort of pork, machine pressed into a rib-like shape and smothered in barbecue sauce. The McRib comes back in part when it’s easy for McDonald’s, or at least certain McDonald’s in certain parts of the country, to buy pork and meat by-products and trimmings cheaply and process them into a highly refined piece of congealed meat-product that tricks your mouth into thinking you’ve hit the high life.

And when you stack ten McRibs on top of one another, you’re definitely living the high life in more ways than one.