Halo 5 Campaign- The 5 Best Moments

The Guardians campaign has some amazing moments

Telling someone that you play Halo for the campaign is a lot like saying that you read Playboy for the articles (well, the old version of Playboy at least). They’re not going to believe you, or they’re going to think there’s something kinda weird about you. But if you do manage to pry yourself away from the addictive multiplayer of Halo 5: Guardians for a few hours, there actually is a good time to be had in the campaign. These are just our top five moments from the latest Halo game. Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

5. The Beginning(s)

Halo 5 campaign

And I’m free, free fallin’.

The Halo games have always had memorable opening scenes, and Halo 5 is no exception. The game opens with Fireteam Osiris, led by new protagonist Jameson Locke free-falling through the air onto the icy planet of Kamchatka. There’s no time to waste exploring though, as you’re immediately thrown into combat against Promethean and Covenant forces. A lot has changed since the Halo franchise was handed over to 343 Industries from its creators, Bungie, but it’s nice to see the action has only ramped up over the years.

After Fireteam Osiris accomplishes its mission, the viewpoint switches to the more familiar Master Chief and his Blue Team. They leap through space from a UNSC ship into a window of Covenant-controlled research station. The breach immediately sucks a group of Covenant into the vacuum of space, but Chief and his crew use magnets to lock their boots to the ground and ensure they stay safe. Yeah, it’s kind of ridiculous, but no more so than the infamous “Return to Sender” bomb scene in Halo 2.

4. Release the Kraken!

Halo 5 campaign

Better than any Clash of the Titans movie.

Large-scale vehicle battles have always been a staple in the Halo franchise, but 343 really outdid itself with Halo 5. The Kraken is a towering Covenant ground vehicle, the largest yet seen in a Halo game, and it lives up to its name. As you approach it, he machine makes grating mechanical noises and its heavy footsteps echo throughout the level. But actually defeating Kraken means taking to the air and eventually fighting its forces from the inside out.

3. The Final Warden Eternal Boss Fight

Halo 5 campaign

Please, call me Warden. Mr. Eternal was my father.

For a series as respected and well-established as Halo, the Master Chief has always lacked a serious nemesis. Mario has Bowser. Sonic has Dr. Eggman. Master Chief has… that thing from Little Shop of Horrors? Maybe? Was Gravemind even really a villain? Anyway, Halo 5 seeks to rectify this oversight by introducing the Warden Eternal. Think of him as the Promethean Master Chief, a menacing mechanical figure with super-intelligence and a sweet hardlight blade. Warden Eternal shows up several times throughout the Halo 5 campaign, but the most memorable encounter that will have Halo fans buzzing for years to come is the final fight against three versions of the Warden Eternal and an army of angry Prometheans.

2. Master Chief vs. Locke

Halo 5 campaign

When two guys stare each other down like this, they’re either going to fight or make out.

It was obvious from Halo 5’s advertising that Master Chief and Jameson Locke were going to throw down at some point, and unlike some long-awaited prize fights (*cough* Mayweather v. Pacquiao *cough*), this one actually delivered. When Locke finally catches up to Master Chief at the end of Mission 5, they engage in one of the most epic and brutal fist fights ever seen in a game. If there was any question as to Locke being a threat to the Chief, that’s quickly laid to rest when he lands a punch that cracks the Master Chief’s visor. But of course the Master Chief is still the superior Spartan, and when it’s all settled, he hits Locke with the device that shuts down his power armor and continues the search for Cortana.

1. Cortana the Villain

Halo 5 campaign

When your girlfriend tells you it’s fine if you go out to the bar with your friends, but it’s really not fine at all.

So if you played through Halo 4’s campaign and paid attention to the marketing for Halo 5, it wasn’t a complete surprise to see that Cortana is still alive, and boy is she ever pissed. Cortana has recovered from the rampancy that plagued her in the first game, but her encounter with Forerunner technology has left her changed for the worse. After spending four games working so closely with Cortana to stop the Covenant and the Flood, it’s still shocking to see how the corruption inside her has changed her thinking so completely that she now seeks to destroy all biological life in the galaxy. And she has an army of AIs and Prometheans at her command to do it. Most shockingly of all, it seems her plan is to wipe out life with a new Halo ring, which is one hell of an ending and set-up for Halo 6.