Harrison Ford Jimmy Kimmel Visit #2 Sees Han and Chewie Finally Make Up

The wookie and the mercenary have finally put aside their differences.

Harrison Ford Jimmy Kimmel interview

Way back in April of 2013, Jimmy Kimmel Show viewers were excited to see Harrison Ford, Han Solo himself, appear on the show. While he was there, Ford was expected to make some cute little hints that he, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill were all reprising their original roles for Episode VII – this was back before we knew for sure if they were going to be in the film. However, this was strangely not the case.

As a matter of fact, during his interview, Ford avoided anything related to Star Wars and refused to talk about any of it. The host then asked if he would be open to the audience asking any questions. He agreed, as long as no one asked any Star Wars questions.

So began a “feud” between pilot and copilot.

“He knows what he did. She was my wife,” Ford went on to say before he finally charged off the stage. However, he didn’t leave without saying some final words to his furry friend.

You – I’ll see you in hell!

Audiences around the world, after laughing nonstop, wondered if the dynamic duo would ever become friends again. Well last night, after over two years of bickering, Jimmy Kimmel put together a Star Wars event to promote the upcoming film. J.J. Abrams and most of the cast intended, including Ford and Chewbacca.

Naturally, the expectation was that the two pilots of the Milennium Falcon would be throwing it down once more in the middle of the event. Instead, with a little nudge from Adelle’s Hello, Ford had a remembrance of all of the good that he and the wookie shared. In the end, he let go of the grudge he held against Chewie for years in an emotional hug that surely left attendees in tears. At last, Han and Chewie made up. And just in time for the film.