History of the Black Panther: Who Is T’Challa?

Relationships With Other Heroes

Black Panther Tchalla and Stormc

T’Challa has a few connections with several of the Marvel Universe heroes. He’s been an Avenger several times, and he’s also good friends with the Fantastic Four, in spite of his early social faux pas of inviting them to his country and then beating the everloving snot out of them.

The most important relationship T’Challa has with any Marvel character is Storm from the X-Men. At one point in the comics, he and Storm got married, and she served as his queen in Wakanda for several years.

Celebrity marriages can be hard, though, and the couple eventually divorced. During the Avengers VS X-Men comic crossover, T’Challa fought on the side of the Avengers, and he and Storm used the war as an opportunity to –ahem– work out some of their relationship issues (with their fists).

Neither T’Challa’s relationship with Storm nor his rocky friendship with the Fantastic Four is likely to play a part in the MCU, of course, as both the X-Men and the FF are currently under the control of 20th Century Fox.

It’ll be interested to see what the plan is for filling the void that the omission of these characters leaves in T’Challa’s life story.

The Story So Far

Black Panther Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is no doubt going to sew some of the seeds of the Black Panther’s history in anticipation of T’Challa’s solo outing.

Some of these basics were already introduced in Age of Ultron, though, as we got a good look at T’Challa’s nemesis, and Wakanda was introduced as a place of interest.

Tony Stark has convenient file on T’Challa’s dad which the Avengers use to track Ultron down to a ship scrap yard in Africa, where Ulysses Klaw is selling vibranium on the black market.

Klaw, played by the fantastic Andy Serkis, is more than likely going to be the main villain in the Black Panther solo film, and considering that Ultron left him both rich and armless, he’s probably going to look a little more like a supervillain the next time we see him.

What Can We Expect from Civil War?

Black Panther Civil War Poster

It’s not clear at this point whether T’Challa’s going to play a huge part in the third Captain America movie.

With Spider-Man also making his MCU debut, and pretty much the entire Avengers roster turning up (sorry, Hulk), this is going to be a crowded film – especially if the movie delivers as much romantic tension between Captain America and Iron Man as everybody’s hoping for.

This being the case, it’s pretty unlikely that T’Challa will get a lot of screen time, but he should hopefully appear for enough time to justify his inclusion. Marvel’s often given funky cameos to various characters, but never someone this important, so it remains to be seen just how relevant the Black Panther will be to the movie as a whole.

Fans hoping to see a lot of may well have to wait until 2018, but one thing’s for certain: it’ll be worth the wait.

What do you expect we’ll see in the next Marvel movie? Leave your thoughts and comments below!