Jon Snow Lives Top Tweets – The Fan Favorite Returns

HBO Confirms Jon Snow is alive and will return for Game of Thrones Season 6, and the Internet reacts. The Jon Snow Lives top tweets of the day.

A new poster for Game of Thrones Season 6 just dropped from HBO.

The first official poster for Season 6 features Jon Snow.

The first official poster for Season 6 features Jon Snow.

After the Season 5 finale, where Jon was brutally stabbed to death by the Night’s Watch, fans have been reeling and pointing out the myriad ways that Jon could return for Season 6. In this poster, Jon is bloodied, but apparently alive.

We all sort of knew this was coming. HBO and the creative team behind Game of Thrones have been trying to keep Jon’s alive-ness secret for a while now.  This seems like the final nail in the coffin…or the final nail in the coffin they won’t need, I guess. Jon Snow lives.

However, this comes at a strange time. Kit Harington hasn’t cut his hair. He was contractually obligated to keep it long for Game of Thrones. He has previously stated in interviews that he hated it. But recently he claimed to Entertainment Tonight that he can cut his hair whenever he wants. This seemed like a ploy. He had to keep his return to the living a secret. But why bother if they were just going to announce it now, a week after that interview. Perhaps the decision to reveal this bombshell came suddenly.

Whatever the case, HBO has apparently given up any attempt at secrecy over Jon Snow’s fate. And the moment they did the Internet erupted. Here are some of the top Tweets: (there are some The Walking Dead spoilers ahead, a Harry Potter one, and sort of one for American Horror Story: Coven).

Another interesting find on Twitter is this fan made poster in the style of the official Jon Snow one. Apparently book readers are really clamoring for Lady Stoneheart.

lady stoneheart fan poster

A fan made poster of Lady Stoneheart.

We need a time machine to take us to April. Perhaps in the form of a DeLorean…