Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Breakdown, Analysis, and Easter Eggs

Men of Steel and Dark Knights, hmm?

Legends, you say? They look like a bunch of misfits if you ask me.

Legends, you say? They look like a bunch of misfits if you ask me.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is ever closer to being released on the CW, kicking off its premiere with an Arrow/Flash crossover coming this week. In anticipation, the CW has given us a full-length trailer for the upcoming show that gives a better look at what our heroes will be up against, as well as the primary antagonist himself. Go ahead and give it a peek if you haven’t already.

Naturally with these kinds of trailers, there’s a lot to keep track of and a lot of sly references they sneak in there, so we’re breaking it down to see what could be coming to the CW universe. Or better yet – who.

Vandal Savage

He definitely reaches General Zod levels of creepiness.

He definitely reaches General Zod levels of creepiness.

The trailer spends a lot of time on the show’s antagonist, Vandal Savage. In the comics, Vandal was an immortal warrior with an ultimate scheme to conquer the planet (yes, it’s always world domination). During the prehistoric era, he was exposed to a meteorite that enhanced his strength and longevity exponentially. Having an evil heart, he also committed the first recorded murder. He survived throughout the ages, working alongside of figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, and Ra’s al Ghul.

From what we see in the trailer, they’re keeping his evil intentions intact. As a matter of fact, the entire reason that the team is formed is entirely due to him succeeding and conquering the world. He is not a time traveler himself, so the Legends will be battling him at different periods in his life. I’m definitely interested to see how this will factor in to how Savage plans his next moves.

Egyptian Artifacts

Yes, even mythology found its way into comic books.

Yes, even mythology found its way into comic books.

Briefly in the trailer, we see a shot of Savage behind some strange looking artifacts from ancient Egypt. One of those artifacts has a striking similarity to the Amulet of Anubis. The amulet contains constituent parts of Anubis, which are later used in the comics to resurrect him and contend with the likes of Doctor Fate. The one on the far left is the statue of Anubis. Yes, there is a relation between that and the eye.

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Breakdown amulet of anubis

Another shot shows Savage holding some kind of staff. This actually turns out to be the Ibis-Stick. It’s kind of a cure-all, giving the wielder the ability to create anything they can imagine. The interesting thing is that this object has already appeared in NBC’s Constantine and also has ties to the character Doctor Fate.

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Breakdown staff

What Becomes of Oliver Queen?

Ollie, no!

Ollie, no!

One shot in the trailer shows a mysterious, abandoned area that once had important use. A closer look reveals the unmistakable, high-tech floor used by Oliver Queen and his friends in season 4 of Arrow. Yes. this is in fact the Arrow Cave many years into the future. It’s a bit sad to know that there will be a world without the Green Arrow, Felicity, and Diggle, but I believe it’s more than just a subtle tease. It was revealed earlier this year that Connor Hawke, the son of Ollie (in the comics) would be appearing. And guess what? He picks up archery pretty well. Perhaps this could be an impromptu base of operations for the next gen Green Arrow?

A Mixed Breed of Hero

legends of tomorrow trailer breakdown combat

Iron Man… I mean Ant-Man… ugh, I give up.

Another shot in the trailer shows the superhero A.T.O.M. exploding from a small size and taking on many bad guys. While bulletproof of course. It’s both a little unexciting but interesting what they’re doing with this incarnation of Ray Palmer. His powers are like a love child of Iron Man and Ant-Man. Just imagine Ant-Man with Iron Man’s suit, and that’s basically the A.T.O.M. that we see in this trailer.

Embracing the comics

Legends of Tomorrow trailer breakdown firestorm costume

DC – bringing a better live-action Human Torch since 2015.

We also get a brief look at the new costume for the new Firestorm. And I couldn’t have been more happy. It looks like they ripped a page straight out the New 52, showed the costume designers Firestorm, and said, “Make this.” When superhero movies/shows first started debuting, they took a more realistic idea regarding costume choices (especially the X-Men). Well now times have changed, and now we can get beautiful outfits that look like this. It’s a beautiful adaptation of what made the comics so great.

The New Time Machine

Legends of tomorrow trailer breakdown waverider

Doc Lewis would be impressed.

With a time-traveling show, there has to be a time machine. It could be a DeLorean, a telephone booth, you name it. We even saw an orb-looking contraption in the season finale for The Flash. But this is probably one of the coolest time machines I’ve ever seen (yes, it’s a time machine). This is actually the Waverider, and has a comic origin. You see the man behind the contraption, Rip Hunter, used this to travel through time (big shocker) and even save Batman himself. From what we see of the trailer, it looks like this futuristic vehicle will be the base of operations for the Legends of Tomorrow.

The Butterfly Effect

Legends of Tomorrow trailer breakdown ring

Great Scott! My marriage!

One of the things I absolutely adore about the CW universe is just how well they handle time travel. In The Flash they play with the butterfly effect and use it to its best merit. That trend will definitely be continuing and even growing on Legends of Tomorrow. Once the characters realize that they can change the past, it is shown that they will attempt to undo their mistakes. Captain Cold talks to a younger version of himself, Ray Palmer tries to save his dead fiance, etc. Then there is a shot of Joseph Stein (half of Firestorm; I’ll explain later) seeing his wedding disappear from his finger. Well it looks as if by meddling with the past, the Legends are severely changing the present. Who knows how this could effect Oliver Queen and Barry Allen?

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