A Mario Kart 8 Show is Coming to Disney XD

Get your blue shells ready.

Mario Kart 8 show airplane

No, you didn’t read that headline wrong, and no, this isn’t going to be a Mario-skinned Speed Racer ripoff. Disney XD will be a hosting a television program based on the Wii U’s fantastic and zany racer, Mario Kart 8. The show, called Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8, will consist of eight of “America’s best young gamers” who will go head to head with various YouTube stars, such as Andre from Black Nerd Comedy, SethBling, AtomicMari, and Strawburry17.

The competition will last approximately one hour, and will include several crazy modes (this is Mario Kart 8, after all).

It has been known for a little while that Nintendo was making deals and partnerships with other companies to embrace different forms of media, such as DeNA mobile games featuring Nintendo characters (see, Miitomo). This is obviously the first fruits of their partnership with Disney. While I’m sure some were hoping for an animated cartoon starring Mario and the gang, this still ought to be seen as a big win for Nintendo fans, as the company has been occasionally hesitant to allow streaming of its games. Although if they’re getting a cut of the profits here, maybe it’s not much progress made yet after all.

It’ll probably still be a while yet before we could see a faithful adaptation of beloved Nintendo characters in their own Saturday morning shows. Doubtless this still stings a bit.

Still, Nintendo has supposedly been open to expanding into TV, both in the animated and live-action spaces. So maybe it’s not that far a stretch to imagine a Mario Kart cartoon could happen one day.

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