Metroid: The Sky Calls Brings Hope for Video Game Movies

Hopefully the big N doesn’t shut this one down

Wait, this is a fan film?!

Wait, this is a fan film?!

Let’s be honest. Mario and Pokemon have been attention hogs in recent memory. They’re the ones getting the most games and the most love by Nintendo. Unfortunately some of their other franchises have been a bit neglected as a result, such as Metroid (especially since the announcement of Metroid Prime: Federation Force). It’s a shame to see one of the best IPs in gaming history getting so mistreated.

Then comes Rainfall Films. If you recognize that name, it’s because they are the ones responsible for IGN’s fake Legend of Zelda movie trailer. They just released a new fan film called Metroid: The Sky Calls. While the idea of a fan film may irk you a bit, this Metroid flick is definitely worth a watch.

The film itself doesn’t directly take any plot or story from the game series, rather it experiments with the relatively unknown lore surrounding Samus’s world to create a new arc all on its own. On top of that, the cinematography and visual style is spot on. Everything looks and feels like atmospheric of a true Metroid adventure, and apart from a bit odd-looking Varia suit, the effects are top notch (by fan film standards anyway). They blend a use of CGI and live-action to make the entire experience feel believable, and it works really well.

Moreover, the performance from the lead actress (playing Samus Aran of course) is much better as opposed to other fan films. Her dialogue is believable and will leave you more interested than laughing on the floor. That in tandem with the action and mystery of the film create an all around great ride that any self-respecting Metroid fan should watch. Nintendo should take note if they decide to go through with any movies based on their other franchises, and hopefully Sony will strike a similar chord with their upcoming Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper films.

What did you guys think of Metroid: The Sky Calls? Should Rainfall make any more films? Let us know in the comments!