New Jessica Jones Trailer Shows Us the Darker Side of Hell’s Kitchen

“I’m resourceful.”

When Jessica Jones was first announced as part of Marvel’s Netflix campaign, many fans, including myself, were very skeptical. A lot of people didn’t even know who she was (again, myself included).

Since then, we’ve learned a lot. And in case you missed it, you can get a rundown on her character here and here, plus some details from New York Comic Con here, and a rundown of everything important from the last trailer (before this one) here.

If all that wasn’t enough (It wasn’t! We want more!), this new Jessica Jones trailer gives us an even clearer look at what show is going to be about. Jessica Jones will not be R-rated, but it will be pretty darn close. The violence is brutal enough that even Daredevil looks mild, as we are shown Jessica kicking all kinds of butt while not pulling back any punches. On top of that, the trailer also highlights the villain Kilgrave, who twists the minds of everybody around, including our hero, to the point where people are on the verge of killing themselves. This isn’t for faint of heart.

The trailer also shows us more of Luke Cage. He will definitely be a familiar presence within the show, but we’re curious for how long. Again, go watch this video if you haven’t already, it sounds like Luke will be on the move by season’s end.

It seems as if Marvel is not afraid with this show. They want to explore all of the ugly aspects of Hell’s Kitchen and show us that life isn’t all fun and games with the Avengers. There is a darker side to the world, and that’s the kind of nightmare that people like Jessica Jones live in. This will be a bold move for Marvel, it’s the most violent show they’ve ever made. With their only competition in the female lead department being the decidedly cheery Supergirl, it will be interesting to see how the views stack up.

Will you guys be watching Jessica Jones when it releases on Netflix? Which character are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!