Olga Kay NailSnaps Parnership Proves AGAIN YouTube Creators Finding Success Beyond YouTube

More YouTubers are finding success beyond YouTube, but Olga Kay might be doing it better than anyone.

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As YouTube continues to develop more and more stars on YouTube, some content creators are becoming successful beyond YouTube, too. Major personalities like Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, and Zoella are among the growing number who have authored books; musical talents who got their start or found superstardom online first include Justin Bieber, Psy, and Diondra; and numerous talents in front of and behind the cameras of YouTube channels have used the platform to launch their careers into film and television.

But for some, like

Olga Kay, a YouTube channel is the place where a brand begins.

Olga has invested her many videos into developing her “Moosh Army,” her pet name for fans and channel subscribers based on her own pet – her cat Mushika. That’s morphed into a brand all its own – MooshWalks – which continues to show its pet influences

MooshWalks produces socks “inspired by passion, creativity, and individuality” that features characters designed by Olga Kay and partner artists Maddy Bella. And guess what? These socks have ears.

Olga Kay NailSnaps mooshwalks

But when we’re talking true YouTube success stories, we’re talking about sustainable, growing businesses. And in that regard, Olga and MooshWalks are part of a select group.

MooshWalks recently announced a partnership with NailSnaps, a custom nail art company, to bring MooshWalks characters from fans’ feet to their hands. MooshWalks currently features five characters: Lola, Fred, Spanky, Roxy, and Lily, which works out pretty perfectly when you’re looking to fill five fingers. (They also offer single character sets – find them all here.)

And lest you write this off as a passing curiosity, MooshWalks is beginning to garner mainstream traffic, including attention from major media outlets.

Is Olga Kay at the vanguard of a brand new way to think about how YouTube creators are monetizing their channels? She’s definitely not the first to offer channel-related merch, but she’s doing it in a new way that leaves us hopeful for even more diversity on YouTube. And she’s doing it with a business acumen that others should take note of.

You can order MooshWalks socks and NailSnaps at www.mooshwalks.com or the NailSnaps App and be the quirkiest person throughout the holiday season.

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