Star Wars Honest Trailer Comparison Between Luke and Anakin is Spot On

So why do we still love Mark Hamill and hate Hayden Christensen? Here’s a Star Wars Honest Trailer comparison of the two.

One of the best things about Honest Trailers is how it hilariously reframes parts of a movie we never spent the time to think through. Of course, talking about why something’s funny kind of ruins the funny, so just watch the trailer, but seriously: Was Hayden Christensen trying to mimic Mark Hamill like Ewan McGregor tried to mimic Alec Guiness?

We’re going to go ahead and say, “No,” but the superficial similarities are undeniable.

Of course, despite the general (and in our opinion, well deserved) outcry against the prequels, there is an ongoing debate about them.

For example, for every video decrying the prequels like this:

You have theories like this:

Or even defenses (if somewhat qualified ones) like this:

But maybe the biggest accusation Star Wars Honest Trailer comparison makes is that the Star Wars prequels are nigh singlehandedly responsible for creating the effects blockbuster machine we see in Hollywood today.

(And yes, we know that Honest Trailers are making a joke, but it’s a question worth thinking about.)

Let’s say this right away, we love us some effects-driven blockbuster movies. But our favorites are the ones that use those effects to tell a great story, rather than Frankensteining together some half-baked idea on the back of some name actors and special effects sequences. (I mean, have you seen our review of Fantastic Four?) Even Jurassic World suffered from this.

But even though the Star Wars prequels were on the bleeding edge of digital filmmaking, it’s hard to lay everything at their feet. For all the artfulness and genuine enthusiasm that comes from countless directors, writers, producers, and everyone on a set, the movie industry is around to make money. It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, especially for those of us who want the studios to do right by our favorite characters. But by and large, we also need the studios to finance those effects driven sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book movies we love so much.

So where does that leave us?

Hoping every movie is great, and laughing along with Honest Trailers even when they aren’t.