Star Wars: The Force Awakens International Trailer Dissected

We take a look at this Internet-breaking trailer…

With less than six weeks remaining before the premiere of the new Star Wars film, the preview materials are ramping up to a surprising degree. Today, a Japanese site debuted an “international trailer” for Star Wars, with new scenes blooming forth like a cherry blossom. We’ve got a full analysis video coming out, later today, but in the meantime we wanted to take a cursory examination of the exciting new visual reveals. Trailer spoilers lie ahead, obviously, but we won’t leak any plot rumors.

Rey and BB8 Desert Reveals

Star Wars International Trailer Daisy and BB8

“I know all about waiting… for my family,” Daisy Ridley says. It is unclear whether this is an actual line said to BB-8, or if this is simply a voice-over from a different part of the film. She arrives at some sort of tented area. Soon, three TIE fighters appear on the horizon. Cut to Kylo Ren and Stormtroopers torching some location. Perhaps this is the area in which we just saw Rey, but it is unclear.


Kylo Ren Shows Off the New Crossguard Lightsaber to Rey

Star Wars International Trailer Kylo Ren and Rey

But not in a good way. He has clearly snuck up on her, as his lightsaber is met with a glance of surprise and terror. We’re guessing he’s not inducting her into the Empire’s version of British Knighthood.


New Shots of Leia

Star Wars International Trailer New Shot of Leia

This image is immediately followed by a shot of Leia, Poe, and C3PO.

This is exciting, considering J.J. Abrams statement that we’d already seen all the new trailers we were going to get before the release. We’ve only begun to list the new footage available, watch the full The Force Awakens international trailer to see for yourself.

More of our thoughts:

  • There are lots more droids in this one. Probably simply a regional thing (Japan vs America)
  • A better look at Ren’s lightsaber. Cooler than we’d expected. Seems to be some kickback when he ignites it. Definite differences between this and the classic lightsaber model.
  • Wilhelm Scream at 1:21
  • Leia definitely seem to have taken on a commanding role.
  • Gwendoline Christie is the one saying “I know all about waiting.”
  • TIE Fighters are in an atmosphere, so they’re using some new tech.

Which new shot has you the most pumped? Tell us in our comments section.