The Force Awakens First Clip Released Featuring Finn, Rey Escaping Jakku

“We can’t outrun them!” The Force Awakens first clip extends scene from the trailers.

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The more footage of The Force Awakens I see, the more excited for it I get. It seems to be making use of all of the great effects we’ve come to love from 2015, and also include some good acting to boot (unlike those prequels).

We’ve also gotten a surplus of trailers to boot, each more intense than the last. It seems as if Lucasfilm is going all out this time around. They have high hopes for this film and are capitalizing on everything they possibly can.

Today comes some new footage, and our first clip of a scene. While not terribly long, it captures what we can expect from the film: excellent cinematography, top-notch effects, and great acting (take that, prequels!).

Again, the clip is not long, coming in at only fifteen seconds. However, it’s still fifteen seconds well spent. We spend a brief moment with Finn, Rey, and BB-8 as they’re sprinting away on the planet Tatooine from a group of enemy fighters from the First Order. I breathed a sigh of relief as the two were yelling at each other above the hellfire about how they were going to get away alive. You could easily feel their sense of urgency as the scenery behind them exploded.

Hey! We need a pilot!

We’ve got one!


Although, this still raises a lot of questions. Who ordered the attack on Jakku? Why is what looks to be such a small village being bombarded with blasters? Yes, my friends we’re a long way from the days when the Internet stirred over Kylo Ren’s cross lightsaber.

In addition, a few days ago, a new trailer was released, highlighting one of the new additions to the Star Wars roster: Finn. Being an ex-stormtrooper, this guy knows how to fight and do it very well. Unfortunately, some turn of events has caused him to be involved in a galactic war along the likes of Han Solo and Chewbacca. This new trailer highlights those moments while giving us some more scenes to look forward to when the film finally drops.

I was raised to do one thing, but I’ve got nothing to fight for.

Based on what we see, Finn has seen some pretty terrifying things from the First Order, and he’s trying to help save those who are in danger. Along with that, we get decent shots of both Kylo Ren and a stormtrooper wielding some kind of device that can block a lightsaber. Yes, you heard me right! The troopers have finally figured out a way to at least contend with the Jedi. We also get to see some battle dialogue between Finn and Han Solo, and what looks like Finn piloting the Milennium Falcon. I’m sure Han wasn’t too thrilled in that instance.

There’s still a lot of speculation regarding the film, because the First Order didn’t originate in any of the Star Wars novels. As a matter of fact, it was created solely for the upcoming film. The idea of it was created by the developers who posed the question, “What if the Nazis started working together after the death of Hitler?” This could definitely work to the film’s credit, because apart from wanting to finish what the Galactic Empire started, we don’t know a whole lot about what they’re after or their motives behind what they do. Nevertheless, it’s a chilling idea to play around with.

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