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Jessica Jones Official Trailer 2

Jessica Jones Official Trailer Analysis & Easter Eggs

This new Jessica Jones trailer gives us an even clearer look at what show is going to be about. Jessica Jones will not be R-rated, but it will be pretty darn close. The violence is brutal enough that even Daredevil looks mild.

Jessica Jones Too X-Rated for Netflix?

Alias (not the TV show, but the Jessica Jones comic book story that this Netflix show is based on) was Marvel’s first comic specifically produced with UNCENSORED content. We’re talking explicit adult scenarios that usually have a warning before you watch. HBO stuff, watch-with-your-hand-on-the-TV-remote-ready-to-change-the-channel-because-your-parents-might-walk-in stuff. But also, the subject matter isn’t just sexual, it’s dark and traumatizing.

What’s NOT in Jessica Jones? The Top 3 Things the Netflix Show will Leave Out

#3 – No Avengers Cameos
The Captain America plot from the first Alias story arc wouldn’t work because Cap’s identity isn’t a secret, and there’s no way they’ll get Chris Evans to do an arc on the show anyway. Captain Marvel doesn’t exist in-universe yet, so she’s a no-go. Spider-Man debuts in Captain America: Civil War, so they’re not going to have J. Jonah Jameson hire Jessica to track him.

Jessica Jones Questions Answered

Jessica Jones Trailer Easter Eggs, References, and Character Intro

Jessica Jones isn’t exactly the best known Marvel, but she’s got plenty worth digging into, and she’s going to be important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe before it’s all said and done…If you don’t know Jessica Jones, this trailer is a pretty good set of notes on her character; but if you do, then the details really sing.

“All in a Day’s Work” Teaser Trailer

“All in a Day’s Work” is definitely the creepiest of these scenes yet, and maybe the most revealing…this one pulls us right into the heart of the action. It’s an intensely personal trailer that underscores yet again how unsettling the series is likely to be.

Marvel Releases Jessica Jones Comic PREQUEL

Looking for something to tide you over to the release of Jessica Jones on Netflix? How about a comic book tie-in written by the original author of the Alias comics, Brian Michael Bendis?

“Evening Stroll” Teaser Trailer

Netflix and Marvel’s new Jessica Jones trailer is a little more straightforward than either of the last two. Which is saying something given they averaged just 50 seconds each (including the Netflix and Marvel logos). But it does clarify…well, sort of…one important detail we weren’t quite sure would be included in the show: flight.

“Nightcap” Teaser Trailer

She might not be on Hulk level (and really, no one is), but Jessica can hold her own. I’m not even talking about the half-dozen nasty looking men (and women) scattered around the bar in pain from the beating they’ve just received at her hands.

“Good Morning” Teaser Trailer