The Walking Dead Casts Negan (and Glenn Might Be Alive)

Yes, the two are connected. Here’s how:

the walking dead casts negan jeffrey dean morgan

After much speculation and anticipation, The Walking Dead has finally cast its Negan, the brutal leader of the Savoirs in the comics who figures to appear in the AMC show late this season. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (WatchmenThe Good Wife) will play the notorious villain in the show.

The timing of the casting may seem weird, but The Walking Dead is about to go on its midseason hiatus – you know, the giant gap that turns every season into two mini-seasons. That means the show hasn’t actually filmed the end of season 6 yet, and since Negan probably isn’t going to show up very much, and almost definitely not until the very end of the season, Morgan has plenty of time still to shoot his parts.

But here’s where things get really interesting AND A LITTLE SPOILER-Y. So after this .gif of Glenn sympathizing with you over his own death, we’re going to talk about some stuff in the comics.


As many fan theories (and far more tearful wishes) have been speculating, Glenn might not really be dead. Yet.

While The Walking Dead, the show, hasn’t kept in lockstep with The Walking Dead, the comics, the comics have been a decent predictor for what comes next in the show. (Over here we even used the comics to look at some villains – including Negan – who will probably show up in the next season or two.) With that in mind, consider this:

In the comics, Negan kills Glenn.

For those of us wishing Glenn got a better send-off, death-by-Negan probably won’t be much of an improvement. Negan runs a mob-style protection shakedown with his group, the Saviors. In exchange for protecting a number of communities in the D.C. area from zombies, they rather mercilessly receive lots of supplies from said communities.

the walking dead casts negan kills glenn

Alexandria eventually gets noticed by Negan and the Saviors, and after overrunning the community, Negan decides he needs to send a message: one of the survivors needs to die to atone for the Saviors that Rick’s group harmed. He then picks Glenn at random and beats him to death with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat lovingly christened “Lucille.”

A better death for Glenn? Sure, but the bar wasn’t set very high. Maybe the show can make some improvements, have Glenn die a hero’s death in the heat of battle or something. Then again, this is The Walking Dead. There is no glory in the world of the zombie apocalypse.