The Walking Dead MidSeason Finale Recap

Chicken or Fish, You Gotta Make a Choice

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap - Michonne

Decisions are tough. Does anyone have a piece of paper and a pencil? MASH is the only way to solve this problem.

We finally get some quality Michonne time, and she spends it all with dying Deanna. Michonne studied the blueprint for Alexandria’s expansion and was all about creating a site for new crops and a Target. These scenes would have more impact if more time had been spent developing Michonne and Deanna’s relationship. Last season we saw Michonne hang up her katana because she was ready to embrace Alexandria as her community and home, as well as a life without the constant threat of violence.

This season of The Walking Dead has spent more time on character development, but because the cast of the show is so large certain major characters slip through the cracks. Deanna might be wearing her Rick badge, but really she seemed to be handing the keys to the future of Alexandria to Michonne. Michonne has hope, and she could be the person that rallies the people of Alexandria to rebuilding. She’d certainly make a better leader than the Rickster. Michonne is just as fierce and tough as Rick, but unlike her bff, she’s even tempered and considers other people. Michonne admired Deanna and her dream of what Alexandria could be, and that’ s what the survivors are going to need: hope and someone with a true sense of community.

Michonne is a confidante and close friend to Rick. He respects and trusts her, so it’s crazy that instead of sharing what could be pivotal dramatic scenes with Michonne, he’s off with Bland Jessie. Either the show is making it clear that there is no romantic future for Rick and Michonne, or they are trying to keep them divided. Rick detractors either die or they’re crackpots that can’t be taken seriously, but what if his biggest critic is his closest friend? In a fight for the future, I’d bet on the lady with the katana.

The Kids Are All Right (When They’re Not On My Screen)

Abraham, Sasha and Daryl, eh, we’ll see them next year. Did Aaron decide to just chill in the sewers this episode? Is Spencer stealing Nilla Wafers from the pantry?

So, let’s get this straight: Glenn survived so that he could spend time with Emo Enid? Frankly, death by walker sounds better. At some point is Glenn going to ditch this 30 Seconds to Mars superfan? Nobody wants to listen to Enid talk about how we’re all going to die except that Wolf guy. In fact, can Enid run off with the Wolves and go away? Glenn stop being a Pollyanna and forcing teenagers to accept your condescending and unrealistically optimistic point of view – you’ve got a baby on the way, and a wife stuck on a scaffold.

Well, we knew that Ron was up to no good and that his plan was to take out Carl. F**k the walker horde, Ron needs revenge and he needs it at the worst possible time. Carl may not be everyone’s favorite character but his, “Look, I get it, my dad killed your dad, but you gotta know something: your dad was an a**hole,” line was pretty great. Seriously, Ron. Your dad killed Reg, and was an abusive d**k. Rick may not be your ideal stepdad, and you can’t compete with Carl’s hat game, but get over yourself. Either Ron is going to be Carl’s best friend next season, or he’s going to keep sucking at his assassination attempts. Either way, we don’t care.

Sam is off in his own show where he plays the role of Luka on the second floor. This season The Walking Dead has been exploring PTSD and it’s effects on survivors, but spending valuable finale time on a minor character who’s only character trait thus far is a love of cookies and getting threatened by Carol is an odd choice. In fact, Sam is off in his own show, one that is directed by Stanley Kubrick or David Lynch. While it’s nice to see TWD playing around different visual elements and film technique, was the finale really the time to do this? Is Bland Jessie the worst parent of the apocalypse? One kid is listening to creepy tunes and the other one’s stupidity got his mom’s house trashed, we have to think Bland Jessie’s owl sculptures are to blame for her kids issues.