The Walking Dead Summary: Season 6, Episode 5

The people of Alexandria are faced with a choice.

Ross Marquand as Aaron - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Climb aboard the “guilt bus” tour of the Alexandria sewer system. Bring weapons and angst.

Last week, The Walking Dead did a stand-alone Morgan episode. This took us back to his time before Alexandria where he befriended a cheesemaker and a goat, ate oatmeal burgers, and practiced aikido. We learned nothing about Glenn, even though it’s episode five! I’m now convinced the show is trolling us. Scott M. Gimple, don’t look for a holiday card in the mail this year because you are on our s**t list.

On to this week’s The Walking Dead summary: In this week’s episode, “Now,” Rick’s back and he’s brought half the walker horde with him. Good plan there, Rick. Your original plan may have been flawed but it sort of worked, so why lead the remaining walkers back to the SafeZone walls? Wasn’t there a better place he could have led them? What about that cliff where he and Morgan originally discovered the pit o’walkers? Walkers are kind of like sheep, in that they’ll totally follow each other off a cliff, right?

Whine or Die, Alexandria. What Ya Gonna Do?

Rick gives another of his rousing speeches, and once again, some random Alexandrian has to chime in with a lame dissenting line (where are they finding these actors by the way? Did they win a contest because they are bad). WE GET IT, SHOW. The Alexandrians are spoiled, naive and sheltered. In fact, viewers may be suffering from a collective headache after having “Alexandrians just don’t understand” message hit us over the head for sixty minutes. This is not new information. Rick and his crew have been outside and know what’s up, but how inept are these people that they can’t handle ANY adversity or the realities of the situation outside of their walls? Part of the issue is that the majority of the Alexandria characters aren’t particularly compelling, so shining a light on them weakens the story.

What is interesting is how the Wolf attack has divided the SafeZone. The average no-name Alexandrians, instead of getting angry that someone would try to take their homes away from them, get fatalistic. Life is over as far as many of them are concerned. Sure these people are soft, but why are they acting like a bunch of emo teens? The world ended a long time ago, and they’ve been lucky enough to be protected from the dangers outside, so stop whining and step up and protect what you have!

I'm done with this s**t! It's Netflix and chill from now on.

Monroe vs. Monroe

Deanna Monroe has not been dealing this season. She’s grieving the senseless death of her husband Reg, and her other son. Everything she built has fallen apart and Deanna has basically checked out of everything. However, there is a moment where she begins making a plan again. But that doesn’t mean she’s not still going to hand over Alexandria to Rick. As far as she’s concerned he’s the “right” person to lead the SafeZone. Deanna might not be good in a massive crisis but she’s smart, so we’ll have to see how wise this is. Also, how will the more cowardly members of the SafeZone react when “nice mommy” lets “strict daddy” take over?

Spencer Monroe, who we last saw wussing out during the Wolves siege, has now painted himself as a hero. When some nameless Alexandrians try to rob the food bank with the excuse that they’re all going to die anyway, Spencer calls them out for doing nothing when their homes were being attacked. Spencer, however, angers Deanna when she sees that he stole food. She calls him out for being a hypocrite, but Spencer thinks that he deserves a reward for stopping everyone else from stealing. He then blames Deanna for making everyone soft. There is nothing more dangerous than a craven character, and it looks like Spencer is set to become a minor villain. Let’s not forget that when Carter was plotting against Rick in episode one, Spencer was in the small group in the pantry plotting mutiny. With Deanna currently on team Rick this could put her on a collision course with whatever agenda Spencer has planned for himself (which probably won’t be a thing until next year).