7 Best YouTube Hero Animals

YouTube is known for is cute animal videos. But what about heroic animals?

youtube hero animals superdog

Yes, YouTube has cats playing pianos. It has skateboarding dogs, spitting llamas, and goats who sound like humans.

But sometimes you need more than just a laugh. Sometimes you need inspiration. You need the drive to know you can be better. (Do I sound like a commercial for the Army right now?)

And guess what? For every funny animal video there’s one full of inspiration: the YouTube hero animals. Or at least, you know, there’s one of those for every ten videos of cats failing to make jumps.

Since we love superheroes so much, we decided to take at some real-life heroes. We’ve combed YouTube to bring you the best of the best, the creme de la creme, the Top 10 YouTube Hero Animals!

7) Duke the Dog Wakes Parents, Saves Baby

There are a lot of stories out there of pets waking their owners to save them from some horrible fate. We’ve seen cats waking their sleeping owners to escape a burning building, and dogs pawing their owners out of diabetic shock. But the best of the best just might be this video, of a dog waking its owners in the middle of the night to save their newborn baby.

6) Hippo Fight Off Aligators

Not all hero animals are saving people, so for one spot on our list, we wanted to make sure and honor a hero animal that saves another creature. And even though there are amazing videos out there of elephants saving their young, or stories of dolphins fighting off sharks, we think that one of the deadliest animals in the world fighting off a crocodile to save another species has to take the cake.

5) Baby Sitter Buster

Parents take a big leap of faith when they leave their children with virtual strangers. These parents did their due diligence in hiring a caregiver for their son, but when their dog Killian became aggressive around the babysitter they did some investigating. Good thing, too.

4) Takin’ Care of Business

There are a surprising number of heroic cats on Youtube, and a couple of them made our list. When it comes to protecting a home from other wildlife, we’ve seen some wild videos. But you kind of expect dogs to chase off bears. You don’t expect the same from cats.

With the family trying to scare the bear off by making noise, this cat takes things into her own hands and chases the intruder off.

3) Bulletproof Boxer

So far, our entire list has been confined to direct confrontations, which you’d kind of expect when it comes to animals. They don’t quite have the tools we do. Which makes it all the more impressive when a dog protects its family from people with guns.

2) Gorilla Saves Toddler

We share a lot with the great apes – they’re among our closest genetic relatives. But they’re also huge, powerful wild animals that can tear a person apart if they’re so inclined. That’s part of what makes this next video so incredible – the hero makes sure the person in danger is in the best possible place to get aid quickly.

1) Cat Saves Child from Wild Dog

Unmistakably, this is the best video of a hero animal on YouTube. There may be stories that compare, but none that were captured on camera. Remarkably caught on the security camera at this family’s home, our #1 hero animal on YouTube is a cat that bravely chases off a wandering dog that tries to run off with the cat’s young owner snapped in its jaws.

Did we miss your favorite hero animal on YouTube? Drop us the video in the comments and let us know why it’s your favorite!