Top 3 Reasons You Should Check Out the New Rockstars YouTube Channel

You know our website – We love breaking down the latest episode of The Walking Dead, showing you what to pay attention to in the brand new Captain America: Civil War trailer, telling you what’s coming in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and finding you the best new videos on YouTube.

But did you know we have a YouTube channel of our own that gives you more of all that goodness?

Check it out. Here’s the top 3 reasons you should:

3) Awesome Pre-Release Analysis to Prep You For New Shows and Movies

Jessica Jones is out now, but before it was, we were there to prep you for what to expect. We had the rundown on just who this Jessica Jones character was, and what was worth knowing so you could show off to all your friends.

2) TV Episode Recaps and Movie Reviews

What’s replaced the “Great American Novel”? The Walking Dead, of course. Ok, maybe not The Walking Dead all by itself, but television! Walking Dead, the DC shows, Agents of SHIELD – just like on our site, our YouTube channel is here to make sure you don’t miss a single reference, and know what’s coming before it happens.

1) Trailer Breakdowns so you Don’t Miss a Single Detail

Everyone saw the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. I mean, as of today it’s fast approaching 65 million views. But did you get the most out of it? Can you brag to your friends about everything they missed? We’ll help you.

Everything you find on our website, you can find on our channel as well. So go subscribe! And check out the video at the top for some of our highlights.

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