Top 5 New Marvel Netflix Characters Who Deserve Their Own Shows

Moon Knight

New Marvel Netflix Characters - Marc Spector - Moon Knight 2

You probably shouldn’t commit crime.

It’s a safe bet that Moon Knight will be appearing in a Marvel show, although no appearances have been confirmed yet. He’s another well known street-level character with a unique origin and an awesome costume.

Moon Knight is the avatar for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, and has multiple personalities based on other Marvel heroes. For example, he could wear blades mounted on his arm and tap into a Wolverine personality to, essentially, fight like Wolverine. (Albeit without the adamantium skeleton and healing factor. Turns out the adamantium skeleton and healing factor are vital parts of the whole fighting-like-Wolverine thing.)

New Marvel Netflix Characters - Marc Spector - Moon Knight

I’m detecting a theme.

Moon Knight doesn’t play well with others and is often dismissed as a lunatic, but he’s also a master martial artist and detective, with supernaturally enhanced strength, speed, and agility. A former mercenary, Moon Knight fights crime as a way of alleviating his guilt over his past. While he’s technically on the side of good, Moon Knight hurts people as he sees fit and doesn’t believe in the legal system.

Despite some instances of brutality, Daredevil ultimately let the law deal with Wilson Fisk and his subordinates. Moon Knight’s warped sense of justice makes him an excellent foil for heroes like Daredevil because he’ll always go the extra mile to punish criminals, whether they deserve it or not.