Tyler Oakley Amazing Race – New Season Casts YouTubers and Social Media Stars

And they’ve posted some pretty excitable videos about the announcement. 

tyler oakley amazing race

CBS’s long-running reality show The Amazing Race is trying to grab a cut of the social media and YouTube game by filling the cast of its new season with high profile YouTubers and social media stars. Let the #AmazingRace start trending.

Tops on cast list is (newly published author!) Tyler Oakley, who will be partnered with fellow YouTuber Korey Kuhl. Also representing the YouTube segment will be six other teams:

Vine stars are next-best represented, sending three teams to the race:

The final team (for a total of eleven) is made up of Instagram models Jessica Versteeg and Brittany Oldehoff.

The new season (the show’s 28th) will also be the first to live stream part of the race’s first stage. The stream will run on Facebook, and bring fans a live look in at the first destination on Sunday, November 15th at approximately 7:30pm pacific time.

All told, it seems like a smart move for the show to pull in social media and YouTube stars as a way to try to bring in new audiences. If it works, it could pay off in spades; Tyler Oakley’s audience, for instance, spans more than seven million potential viewers. While not all those seven million will make the jump to broadcast TV, including such popular online celebrities basically amounts to a chance for Amazing Race to literally double its audience.