The Walking Dead Breakdown: Season Six, Episode Four “Here’s Not Here”

Brains to Chew On (A.K.A. Final Thoughts):


Ha! Morgan wasn’t kidding about Eastman being a cheesemaker. He wasn’t very good at it, but he was determined. It’s too bad he never got the recipe right.

R.I.P. Tabitha the Goat. You were a great supporting character.

There was a lot of floral imagery in this episode. Flowers represent growth, hope and rebirth which are all things that Morgan experienced in this episode. They also are representative of the mindset and philosophy that he brings to the Alexandria SafeZone. The Alexandrians are naive and have been willfully resistant to the horrors outside of their gates, and Morgan could be a healing presence for them, especially since their leader Deanna has checked out, and many are afraid and are wary of Rick.

Rick wants to teach the citizens of Alexandria to shoot, but it might be smarter for them to learn aikido, since as we saw last week, these people can’t be trusted with guns in high stress situations.

Damn you, Scott M. Gimple for not giving us a Glenn update!!!