The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Best Leader?

Is Rick Grimes the best leader in The Walking Dead? We can think of a few people who may have a problem with the “Reign of Rick.”

The Walking Dead's Rick Best Leader? - Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes Best Leader? This campaign poster may need some work…

Deanna may have given the keys to the Safe-Zone to Rick because she feels that for Alexandria to survive it needs a tougher leader, but not everyone is going to be thrilled with the new sheriff in town. Rick might want to watch his back, because the threats aren’t just outside the walls. They’re coming from inside, and they are plotting.

Ron Anderson

The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes Best Leader? Ron vs. Rick

Rick may get Jessie’s vote (there is a joke about stuffing ballot boxes in there but we’ll leave the dirty jokes to your imagination, dear readers) but he is certainly not going to be a getting a “Best Stepdad” mug any time soon. Ron’s dad may have been an abusive d**k but, hey, it still sucks to watch someone shoot your dad in front of you. Ron doesn’t just have a problem with Rick, but with Carl, who won the “who has a bigger hat” contest to win Emo Edie’s heart.

We thought that Ron’s change of heart in “Now” was pretty suspicious. First, he narcs on Carl, who he’d fought with earlier about leaving the Safe-Zone to find Edie, and then he asks for shooting lessons. Ron doesn’t seem that smart, but teenagers are notoriously manipulative. He tells Rick that Edie is alone outside the walls. We didn’t see Rick rush out to save the runaway teen, in part because they were surrounded by walkers twenty feet deep, but that doesn’t mean our heroic former sheriff won’t form a rescue party, especially if it’s to help Carl out with the ladies. Who doesn’t love being the cool dad?

Ron is probably hoping that Rick would get killed, although that plan would need some work, seeing as how Rick and his peeps are the only competent people living in the Alexandria cul-de-sac. Unless the plan isn’t to send Rick out to his death, but to kill Carl (SWERVE). No teenager likes being told not to risk their life for a death-obsessed crush, so perhaps Ron’s plan is for Carl to get killed, thereby taking away someone that Rick loves, just like his father was taken away from him. Twisted and complicated, yes, but plausible. Why not?

Those shooting lessons are going to bite Rick in the a** big time. Never give a gun to a person who has a problem with you, especially a teenager with some anger issues. The rules of drama dictate that in at least one episode Ron will try and kill Rick, and will either be talked down by Bland Jessie or, like his father, Ron will shoot the wrong person and then suffer from GUILT. Either way, this will not end well for anyone involved.

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