The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 ANALYZED

The Dark and Twisty Soul

This episode feels a bit like a fairy tale.  Daryl is lost in the woods a la Hansel and Gretel, and from the abandoned ghost town where Sasha and Abraham are, Sasha even references leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. If you take the fairy tale theme even further, the woods could double for the ones where Little Red Riding Hood traveled to Grandmothers house. Although the Wolves aren’t in this episode, this new unnamed group that Daryl’s trio of kidnappers talk about seem like even bigger and badder Wolves. Here’s hoping Daryl, Abraham and Sasha, and the rest of Rick’s group built their walls strong. (Whoops, guess that’s a third fairy tale we’re throwing in the mix.)

Like Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood, everyone’s just trying to find their way out of the woods and back home. For Daryl’s would-be kidnappers, they discover that you can’t go home, even if you are physically right there. For poor Tina (the blonde girl), the burned out greenhouse with the bodies of her two former neighbors represents the end of the search for home and safety.

Abraham and Sara…er…Sasha like thinking about death, too? That's totes hot!

Wait…you like thinking about death, too? That’s totes hot!

As for Abraham and Sasha, they’ve been the most reckless and depressed characters on the show lately, which is quite an achievement when more than half the population are rotting animated corpses, so of course they camp out in a seemingly abandoned ghost town while they wait for Daryl to find them. But – and it’s one of the things the show does better than most on television – there’s a surprising human (and revealing) interaction that comes in this moment.

Abraham is crawling out of his skin. He needs conflict to feel needed, to be noticed. Sasha is more calm and comfortable amongst the dead, in part, because she is still dealing with the loss of Tyreese and Bob. Both Abraham and Sasha are struggling ways to be alive when they are surrounded by the dead. Both are reckless, but in different ways, and they recognize that in one another. The episode is titled “Always Accountable,” and Abraham and Sasha both recognize self-destructive tendencies in one another, and decide to be accountable for each others well-being since they couldn’t help themselves.

Case in point: In the absence of waking up to Folgers the next morning, Abraham discovers a walker impaled off the side of a bridge. The walker is a soldier who seems to have parachuted and miscalculated his landing. Whoops. It’s like Christmas morning when Abraham discovers rocket launchers AND a box of cigars. (Side note, will this just be a fun bonus or will the rocket launchers play a larger role in the next big fight in Alexandria? Or cause more conflict between Rick and Morgan?) Abraham pretty recklessly climbs out on the bridge to take the rocket launcher off the soldier walker, but instead he plays a game of undead Russian Roulette, and comes close to getting bitten. Abraham finally realizes just how f**ked up his actions are, and backs off.

Abraham comes back a different man, or maybe just a man high on adrenaline (nearly getting bitten is probably better than a triple shot of espresso). He knows that Sasha is struggling to find her place in Alexandria, but the have the opportunity to live behind walls with A/C and beer (the most compelling argument of all). When we first met Abraham, he felt he was a part of something bigger, and was leading the team to end the zombie virus. He would be a hero. When Eugene was unmasked as a fraud, Abraham lost his purpose and has been wandering around a ghost town of his own making ever since.

Protecting a home and a community gives Abraham purpose again. As long as there is something to fight for, both Abraham and Sasha have reasons to live. Also, Abraham likes Sasha’s no-nonsense style, and in the absence of would like to go out sometime. Sasha seems amused but also kind of interested (maybe she’s a fan of gingers?) It seems like this season of TWD is all about character development and romance. Even that trapped walker in the conference room is watching and shipping this surprise pairing.