The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 ANALYZED

Horrible Bosses: End of the World Edition


How many times has Daryl been kidnapped now? This time two girls and a guy. But interesting thing here is how Daryl responds. Despite everything that these strangers have done to him, Daryl has been a part of a larger community, which for better or worse, takes care of its own. He decides to help when he sees what they are up against. We’ve routinely seen that kindness and trust is a risk that ends badly for people, but Daryl, who has lived through so much horror and abuse both before and after the pandemic, is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt because that is what he would want. When things blow up between Rick and Morgan over their differing approaches, we may see Daryl being forced to break from his group and choose Morgan’s less lethal approach.

Blonde Guy can’t understand why Daryl would help them, and Daryl says that maybe he’s “stupid.” Maybe he is, because Blonde Guy and Brunette Girl steal Daryl’s bike and take his crossbow, but it works out for him because he discovered a hidden fuel truck and reunites with Abraham and Sasha in a rare happy ending. Tina, however, did not get a happy ending after becoming walker chow. Here’s a tip kids, even if walkers seem embalmed, forego the funeral flowers.

A New Threat

So who is this new group of antagonists Tina and co. spoke of? We only see the face of one, who was bitten by a walker in the woods asked one of the faceless compatriots to chop his infected arm off. Wherever he’s from, it seems that at one time there was a military presence there, so could our new group be comprised of former soldiers? It would explain the extreme adherence to rules and also the attack style (guns and cars) which is coordinated and organized.

It’s too early to introduce the Saviors, and according to the news reports we won’t meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan until the Season Six finale next year. The military played a big role in Fear the Walking Dead, but so far they have been absent from OG TWD. It could be interesting to explore what would happen if Alexandria came into conflict with a group of trained soldiers with an opposing “code” rather than the scattered and chaotic Wolves.