The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 ANALYZED

Brains to Chew On (A.K.A. Final Thoughts)

Rocket launchers make EVERYTHING better

Rocket launchers make EVERYTHING better

So, did Abraham and Rosita break up, or did they have an open relationship? Also, can anyone pick Rosita out of a line up? She’s one of those characters that exists on the show but doesn’t actually do anything memorable. Was it Rosita last week that was cozying up to Spencer on the wall (from mullets to pantry thieves, talk about trading down)?

What exactly happened to the herd of walkers that Sasha, Abraham and Daryl were leading away from Alexandria? When Abraham looks in the rearview mirror, there is nothing out there. How far away were they from Alexandria? Why is there no conversation about whether or not their mission was a success or a failure? This is kind of an irritating loose end since this entire first half of the season has been all about the big walker drive.

Things we learned: walkie talkies suck. The happy mood of our trio is ruined when they finally get through to Rick or someone, and we hear “help.” What is our timeline here? If this is one day later, then that means that Rick would have already made it back to Alexandria after the Wolf attack, so what could have happened since last episode? Or, was the voice on the other end of the walkie someone else? Rick did run (in jeans and boots, no less!) all the way back to the SafetyZone so could he have dropped his walkie talkie? If you were hoping the voice on the other end of the walkie was Glenn, then prepare to be disappointed, because Norman Reedus shot that theory down.

Let’s talk about the Glenn thing (again). Has the show made a mistake by not revealing Glenn’s fate? Sure it has lead to rampant speculation, Twitter rage and conspiracy theories but by drawing Glenn’s fate out has the show written itself into a corner? If Glenn survived can the writers make his survival seem believable and dramatically satisfying as opposed to an absurd narrative loophole? In the comics, Glenn is actually killed by Negan, which if you’re going to lose a fan favorite, well, that would be a better way to go. However, as Robert Kirkman has repeatedly said, the comics and the TV series are different, and should be viewed that way. If Glenn is dead, does it really honor his character to wait four episodes to truly mourn him? Should the show decide to let Glenn live then the question remains: why try and fake out your audience with a major character death if its not going to stick? The show has already killed major characters (Shane, Hershel, Andrea, etc.) so no matter what Glenn’s fate, the writers are going to have a tricky time sticking the landing on this one.